Leadership Skills

It has been said that self-leadership and authentic character are critical to being an effective leader. Leadership skills are being true to one’s character.

Authentic character reflects truth to others. If you set an example from the heart, a leader creates unbelievable outcomes. From loyalty, to motivation, to productivity – an authentic leader influences others to be their best.

People Want Leaders Who Are Real

People want leaders who are credible.

Above all, people want to believe in their leaders. This statement reminds me of a great teacher that believed in me before I believed in myself.

How exhilarating it is to have someone believe in you and for you to have someone to believe in. This example and the impact that teacher made on me is beyond words. She truly was an authentic leader.

Leadership Challenge

Make a breakthrough today with someone because you believe in them. Help that person develop more belief in his or her abilities and influence them by being truthful while at the same time being inspiring. It is a unique balance between having the following leadership skills:

  • Truth to self
  • Truth to others
  • Inspiring others to be their best

Leadership Skills – Do People Believe In You?

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