Emerging leaders, I want you to pause for a moment. Did you ever get caught up in the organizational chaos or the chaos of life? Have you ever bought into the noise fluttering all around you and then wonder how you got involved in it? One minute you are standing around a whirlwind of madness, then the next minute you’re in it.

Take a few steps alongside me, to take a peek inside and unravel the mystery of human potential.

I think about influencers like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa. They all represented an idea of love, something bigger than them. They were recognized for their impact and legacy. They stood in peace and lifted people up.

What if we raised our inner standards? Could we disrupt our neurobiology? What if we chose not to follow the crowd and committed to our self instead? What if we would nurture our mindset and ensure our behavior is congruent with our internal wealth as we embark on the path of growth?

When we take responsibility and drive our language with specific focus and intent, we create shifts in our thinking. We drive inspiration and we move towards our future.

When we embrace clarity in our thinking, we build ourselves to the next level. Our energy shifts, our uniqueness is magnified and we becomes masters of our destiny.

Change is by choice. Feeling happy and content becomes a choice rather than an occurrence. Pull the roots out of the ground once and for all. It is duty to yourself and to others.

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Life is way too short for mediocrity. The fact that we exist is priceless. When we immerse ourselves in mediocrity, we limit ourselves in our thinking and the way we view the world.

We play safe as our ego is filled with people telling us of how wonderful we are and how we are an absolute genius. Yet we continue to play at the same level without being challenged. Our thinking is not being stretched in any way because we allow our environment to remain safe and comfortable. We miss the opportunity for challenge and growth.

In our contemporary society, you would think we would have abandoned the caveman era centuries ago. On some level, it still lives like a parasite infecting the souls of many. This restricts potential and limits people to their safe zone. People find it difficult to cross unfamiliar territory.

Remove the Naysayers

Focus on what you want. Saturate the mind with new learning and stretch your thinking. Create opportunity once a week to connect with your brain away from the noise of life.

Tell your brain what you want. Set the big dreams, explore who you need to be and who you need to become. Take action, radiate enthusiasm, and bring everyone along graciously to your dream.


Greatness does not happen overnight. Great influencers and leaders are created over time. Tony Robbins talks about being rewarded publicly for what he practiced in private. When life knocks you down, and it will over and over and over again, you brush yourself off and you get up and you keep moving forward.

When self doubt kicks in, you take that first step to build the momentum. Nurture your self-discipline. Keep pushing through and consistently ask yourself,  “How can l make it better?”

Notice The World Around You

Be grateful for life’s experiences, even amongst the darkest of days. We all experience fear, we all have an inner critic, or an inner child that wants to come out to play.

You have an obligation to nurture your creativity, protect your mindset and invest in your potential. Witness the beauty of life, celebrate the opportunities you have, and allow the world to see you shine.

When one takes ownership of their life and works from the platform that they are 100% responsible for, there is transformational change. Transforming the world begins with transforming yourself. Transforming yourself enriches the lives of others and creates a ripple effect for all to dream, create and lead.

How Do You Nurture Your Mind?

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