Leadership Skills Idea: Employee Motivation

By Dr. Mary Kay

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Employee motivation is one of the most common leadership skills leaders struggle with.

How do leaders with organizations get things done with fewer people? Job involvement is one of the primary factors for ensuring employees maintain a high level of job satisfaction and commitment to the organization.

What is Meant by Being Involved in One’s Job?

Job involvement is the measure to which a person “connects psychologically” with his or her job. When employees feel “in on things” and their personal values align with organizational values, they rarely miss a day of work because they are meeting their personal needs.

In addition to being at work every day, satisfied employees also have the desire to want to stay with the organization they have become a part of. This means employees strive to do their best and influence others to do the same, creating a domino effect.

Here’s a Quick Exercise

Think of an employee you would like to have better results with. Once you have that person in mind, see how many of the following questions you can honestly answer:

  1. Do you know the names and ages of his or her children?
  2. Where would this employee take a vacation?
  3. What is his or her primary hobby?
  4. Does this employee have pets?
  5. Why does this employee work for your organization compared to any other organization?

Any surprises?

Many managers that are concerned and struggle with motivating employees can’t answer these questions meaning they don’t know their employees. How can you motivate others when you don’t know what makes them tick? The answer: You can’t!

Here’s the Takeaway

Get to know the person you had in mind in the motivation exercise above and start creating a sincere, personal connection. You will be surprised how quickly that individual positively responds.

Do You Work on Employee Motivation?

If you have ideas about employee motivation that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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