7 Ways to Inspire Confidence in Your Team

By Cheryl Hearts

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Encouraging and bringing a sense of self-confidence in your workers’ minds is a win-win approach. Let me explain how it works and why a result-oriented employee accomplishes way more tasks than a discouraged one.

Emphasizing the power and strengths of people is beneficial for you. As a leader, you play an important role in your team members’ confidence, generating credit of their self-assurance.

Through this article, I would like to present the main tips for developing a strong assurance in your team’s mindset.

To begin with, I am a lead manager at a shipment company that has been in the business arena for more than 15 years. Overall, we are very strong in operations, have solid marketing, and offer good price points and delivery service.

However, I began to notice a small shift in team performance, thus the fall in revenue. I was mad at my working staff, but after the heat of the moment, I realized that it was my blooper of using the wrong strategy. Instead of inspiring confidence in my team, I sowed a tendency of insecurity.

We were getting stuck somewhere in between; our company did not move any further, nor did it develop the atmosphere of power relations. And I tried to take some steps toward team cohesion.

The first attempt lacked content and analysis. I should have examined all the consequences that came and then worked on expanding my confidence and competence.

What Can You Do to Build Confidence Among Workers?

As I struggled with building an effective team and trust at work, I wanted to get some inspirational advice from somebody who has already gone through it. Subsequently, I went for Google and YouTube. However, it turned out to be not as effective as I expected.

During my seeking-for-advice journey, I came to the conclusion that the team is in your hands only, and it is just you who is responsible for the working progress.

Only you make decisions and stick your neck out for the team and the success of the business. It worked for me, and I am sure that my story and tips will be the main source of encouragement for you.

So how can you create a self-confident team?

1. Encourage Them Through Mistakes

At the very beginning of the working crisis, any failure may seem inadequate for a worker. And they will suppress their interest to keep working. To avoid this, influence your staff’s assurance by demonstrating to them that any mistake is a step forward and it can be easily turned into a huge award.

Moreover, the encouragement of intelligence can actually make people less likely to persist in the face of challenges. That’s why it is considered to be one of the best approaches for every businessperson to affect the team’s confidence.

2. Celebrate Small Improvements

Think about how delighted you are when somebody compliments you about certain achievements, and now try to put yourself into your employees’ place.

It knocks a wall of the working staff’s insecurity down, motivating them to go the extra mile for mutual success.

According to one of my friends, receiving additional cash or having an extra holiday is the best bonus. It motivates you to work harder and involves you in the working atmosphere with a much stronger commitment.

3. Give The Team a Chance to Teach One Another

Observe how they work together and if there is anything they are missing. After you have done a little research, make better-skilled workers teach others.

Let them experience confidence while showing other team members what’s working best for a company and what’s not.

4. Be an Active Listener

Learn how to listen to their requirements and wants. You would not reach success or run your project well without their assistance. Stay mindful that engaging strategy gains better authority rather than constant training and endless criticism.

Discover what aspects of the job they find most rewarding and challenging and come up with win-win offers.

Understanding and appreciating the team’s interests make you the best and most compassionate leader nowadays.

5. Be Confident in Yourself

Respectively, you motivate others to start something new or move in a positive direction.

Try to show your team that dealing with weaknesses is not so difficult for those who are confident themselves.

6. Schedule a Team Time Out

Devote a portion of your day toward relationship building. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, it brings huge benefits.

There is no point in being with your arms folded and waiting for the miracle itself.

7. Make Checklists

  • A list of physical parts of a work environment that could be adjusted to extend the confidence of your team.
  • A list of incentives that might build the confidence of various individuals (you might ask others what incentives they like to get or would like to get from a boss).
  • A list of how you demonstrate respect to others in your own daily life.

As leaders, we must remember that it’s easy to lose that confidence and connection between you and a team with small actions and decisions that undermine that trust.


Putting it all together, inspiring people to be confident is an essential ingredient for any business case. It affects not only team members’ attitudes towards the successful implementation of a project but also clients who seek to participate in a confident community.

So, honor commitments and partnerships in your business crew, which will bring the big rewards of collaborating in a stimulating and self-reliant environment.

Of course, it takes time and energy, but it is worth it. It creates a long-term impact on the employee, the team, and your company.

How Can Leaders Inspire Confidence in Their Team?

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Cheryl Hearts
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