8 Reasons a Frequent Traveler Can Be a Great Leader

By Yousuf Raza

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What makes an experienced and frequent traveler someone who can take charge in a conversation and be a great leader?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons how frequent traveler’s experiences help them with communication and leadership:

1. Being Adaptive and Having Few Complaints

To travel is to adapt continually: to a new country, new customs,  different schedules, and to changes of plans. This kind of routine offers some unusual comforts for the traveler, and they know it.

This can help them bring about change in an organization or company and be confident about new ideas and innovations.

2. Resolving Conflict and Not Being Fixed on Petty Arguments

Why spend fifteen are minutes arguing about why this route was taken and not another if you could already be walking where you want to go?

The experienced traveler is not entangled in minutiae: their use their time in the most efficient and productive manner possible. As a leader, they can help their team use their time wisely to avoid unnecessarily.

3. Having Stories to Tell

They will tell you about that night that they ran out of gas at a mountain and had to sleep in a ruined town. As such, this makes them more outgoing and approachable, as they will always have something to talk about and relate to.

Leaders with these experiences can more easily overcome obstacles and conflict.

4. Being Ready for an Adventure

It may be anything from getting a beer at 3 a.m. or driving around aimlessly for hours. They don’t have to be great feats, but the true traveler creates an adventure wherever they go.

This experience helps leaders to make their workplace more challenging and enjoyable and help bring the team closer together.

5. Having Knowledge in Many Areas

If reading a book is like making a trip, making a trip is like reading a lot of books. Their knowledge about different cultures and norms will help them understand the diversity of thought and people in the workplace, and random knowledge can also be lovely for something like bar trivia.

This way, leaders will have many ideas as to how to have fun with their team on a personal level both in and out of the workplace.

6. Not Forgetting Experiences They Love

And that means they will have experienced and enjoyed all kinds of music, cinema, reading, and art.

This can help a leader with their creativity and can also help them suggest and discuss new and unique ideas with their team.

7. Not Being Unnecessarily Needy

They have walked the length and breadth of this world, facing their fears and their “I cannot” until they learn that all they need in life is desire. This is a form of confidence and determination that is necessary for leadership.

8. Looking at Everything In a New Way

For travelers, everything resembles the journey. And they feel the same fascination for the new store in their neighborhood as the coolest street in Berlin.

Good travelers do not lose the capacity for astonishment at any moment, and that makes them constantly excited.

As a leader, this keeps them prepared and ready for anything, and they can approach problems in new ways.

What Makes a Traveler a Great Leader?

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