Leaders Making a Difference Through Emotions

By Ronald McCarthy

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Humans function the way they do because they are motivated to do so. Without a concrete plan or the will to do anything, people would be incapable of performing simple tasks. Many people live this monotonous lifestyle. However, there are some who do not follow the norms that our world has laid out for them.

The following three people initiated something that would lead to something extraordinary. While some leaders may have small roles to play in other people’s lives, these distinctive personalities have played a huge part that has affected the generations to come.

Here are three leaders who have changed the lives of people the world over and set that example with emotion:

Mikhail Gorbachev and Bringing Change in Yourself

The famous phrase “charity begins at home” holds true for a situation where an individual has set out to change the world. If the person themselves is not willing to change their habits for the betterment of what they are striving to improve, then it is impossible to accomplish something new.

To initiate your plan, you must be aware of the things that you are doing wrong and be willing to rectify them.

If you are of the opinion that the system is hindering you in some way, then staying within your legal bounds and without hurting anyone, you may proceed to follow that path.

Mikhail Gorbachev is one such person who made his transition from a general secretary of the Soviet Union Communist Party to the first democratically elected president of the party.

He helped put a stop to the cold war and put an end to the Berlin Wall, resulting in peace. This man was raised in a poor household and struggled his way up due to his vigilance and the will to work hard.

Patricia Moore and Showing Compassion

The strictest teacher in your school was the one for whom you would do your assignments because you didn’t want detention or to be humiliated in front of your classmates. Yet, you were also too afraid to ask this teacher any questions.

On the other hand, the most lenient teacher would be the one you would be able to confide your school problems in, and they helped you feel considerably better.

A leader with the strictest rules may have their employees do the work, but these employees would also be carrying fear with them. An intimidating leader inevitably discourages the people working with them from approaching them with a problem.

The lack of communication will lead a person to be unable to solve a problem, which will lead to less productivity and efficiency.

When you are a leader, you must show compassion so that the people around you feel encouraged to talk to you. Patricia Moore took advantage of compassion and made products for the disabled when she experimented with different ways to understand their problems.

She took the safety concerns for the elderly and the disabled and used them to create different products to provide services for them, which made their lives significantly easier.

Gandhi and Patience

A true leader would have the courage to face their decisions instead of complaining or blaming someone else. This also means that a leader would have to make their decisions wisely and apply the correct method for their strategy.

When a person leading a team is the one complaining, the team members learn to wrongly shift the blame to the lower ranks in the hierarchy.

Instead of letting this happen, a leader must either accept their mistake or make sure that the person who is at fault is the only one who is held accountable through one meeting. Patience is key. Gandhi was recognized worldwide as a person who practiced patience and virtue.

He became the champion for the people of India and was appreciated worldwide for his abstemious lifestyle.

There are multiple ways that a leader can grow and learn, but only a true leader would be able to make a difference for the betterment of society and their business.

Some people may lack the capability to lead at first, but experience helps us all learn in different ways.

How Can Leaders Make a Difference Through Emotion?

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