Having an employee feedback system can be motivating to your team. It can be as easy as giving them a platform to be heard. As a leader, it’s an easy thing to overlook. You may see yourself as the voice of the group since you are the designated leader, whether you are a manager, supervisor,

How to Create Efficiency in Your Employee Feedback System

If you’re having a conversation with someone about leadership myths and great leaders, you will often hear a stereotypical representation of one specific kind of leader. They’re highly educated, great orators, and they have a natural instinct for leadership. While most of these things are traits that leaders can have, they aren’t a requirement for

8 Leadership Myths and Their Corresponding Facts

Planning and executing your startup idea may sound easy. But it’s quite difficult. This is not just because of competition. Starting a business is hard because many ideas fail soon after they originate. This is due to several factors, including marketing the idea effectively but not tapping a potential market. Some ideas don’t fully develop

8 Tips for Planning Your Startup Idea

We know that leadership, positive vibes, and good communication go hand in hand. A good leader knows how to convince others and get their team members on the same page. They have great speaking skills which are admired by both their followers and opponents. Leaders can easily influence others if they have a grip on

Spread Positive Vibes With Silent Language

As much as you hate it, you cannot avoid speaking in front of people if you are a business leader. If you often find yourself sweating uncontrollably, tongue-tied, or your heart racing at the thought of public speaking, you need to find a way to overcome it. You need to learn how to become a

7 Reasons Why Public Speaking Is Important for Business Leaders

It’s been said that teamwork makes the dream work. A line that was not said in vain. Some things are just not meant to be done by one person. For myself, I could always use a pair of extra hands while cooking. Everything looks and feels better when it’s done with the help of others.

4 Benefits of Effective Teamwork and Collaboration

Here are the six easiest ways to learn how to improve leadership skills… Because no one likes to work under the leadership of an incompetent boss, no matter how good you are at your work. Even if you’re achieving the targeted goals of your organization, it doesn’t mean that you are a good leader. A

6 Tips On How to Improve Leadership Skills

A leadership position in a company requires leaders to learn how to improve communication skills. Once you’ve been chosen for the job, you have a myriad of challenges awaiting you. But while you might have the hard skills you’re going to need, what about the soft skills? One of the soft skills any leader should

Leaders Guide On How to Improve Communication Skills

It is a common worry among leaders that there will at some point be a crisis.

4 Ways Leaders Can Take Charge in a Crisis

A colleague asked me for feedback on an important paper she had written for the board. She was due to present that evening, so time was short. As I glanced through the paper, I saw error after error in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Red Pen Leadership

Introverts make good leaders, but many people assume that extroverts are the ones who make the best leaders. However, this is not always the case. It’s no secret that extroverted people are known for being outspoken, loud, talkative, highly social, and outgoing. They are excellent public speakers, make connections, and are quick decision-makers. With these

7 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

Event leadership can run into a host of problems – everything from cost overruns and poor scheduling to poor resource allocation. These issues can cast a shadow on what could be an otherwise successful event.

5 Solutions to the Most Common Event Leadership Issues