5 Social Media Activities Productive Leaders Do Every Day

By Larry Kim

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Social media can often be a time sucker, distracting people and limiting their productivity. But even the most productive and successful leaders are still using social media.

So how are they using these platforms in a productive and useful way?

1. They Don’t Use Just One Platform

There are numerous social media platforms.

The most popular and far-reaching social media platform today is not the same as a few years ago. Platforms go in and out of fashion as communication preferences change and tech evolves.

One can be pressured to participate in all platforms, which can become overwhelming. The most productive and successful leaders know that there is a sweet spot in between only using one platform and using all of them.

Only being present on one platform can be confusing. But constantly posting on every possible platform is complete overkill, especially if you’re posting the same exact thing on all of them.

Don’t marry a platform. Be quick to recognize when a trend becomes mainstream. If you’re the first adopter of marketing through that channel, your business can gain a competitive advantage.

You can also make things easier by using automation to help manage your various social media platforms and engage more audiences. Facebook Messenger is a great automation tool that can be applied to a number of sites and platforms. You could try building a Facebook Messenger bot.

Another thing productive leaders understand is that it’s important to curate content specific to each platform. Tweets don’t carry over too well on Facebook. And super-long Facebook posts don’t make sense on Instagram.

Each social media platform has its own unique characteristics. Productive leaders know how to take advantage of each of them.

2. They Listen

It’s not just about posting. It’s also about listening.

That means leaders are researching and monitoring conversations and news on social media platforms. They’re checking out explore pages, activity tabs, and trending topics.

To be a part of the action and use social media in the most productive way, one has to know where the action is. After they’re done listening, they engage. They participate in those conversations.

And they use everything they’ve learned from monitoring and observing to productively share and promote other people’s content.

This helps to build relationships, which is the entire point of social media, especially if you’re looking to network.

3. They Get Personal

There are definitely successful people out there who use their social media as a platform to simply advertise their company. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s not the best way to engage with others and promote your brand.

Productive leaders are using social media as an opportunity to get personal. Save the advertisements for interviews and guest features on websites and in magazines. Social media is something that people use for the purpose of connectivity.

Often, users like it when people they look up to share personal information or stories. It makes them feel closer.

Allowing your followers to feel closer to you personally helps to build brand trust. If you’re a leader, a brand trust includes trust in you as a person.

4. They Limit Email Use

Ah, the terror of every successful leader: email. Email inboxes can collect hundreds of emails every day. That’s overwhelming and exhausting.

It can be incredibly distracting to constantly be trying to clear your inbox. And productive leaders know not to get off track. So, while it’s not quite social media, it’s still a means of communication and connectivity. And it’s something that leaders are still using, despite what they do on social media.

But they use it differently. Productive and successful leaders limit their email use. Maybe they check their email once a day at the end of the day. Maybe they check it just a couple of times.

But one thing is for certain: they have email notifications off, and they are not letting it distract them.

5. They Focus on Quality Over Quantity

You could use social media as a means of overkill, constantly reminding your followers that you’re still there. But that wouldn’t be a very productive use of the platforms.

What’s far more important is the quality of your posting. People don’t want to be spammed with constant posts about your business. They don’t even want to be spammed with dozens of inspirational quotes.

They want to see content that is inspiring, relatable, or just plain funny. So take a minute before you start posting away. Be a productive leader by coming up with some compelling content ideas.

Social Media is Part of Our Culture, So Use It Wisely

Social media is an inescapable part of modern culture. Suppose your business isn’t on social media, or you as a leader are not on social media. In that case, you will have a much harder time connecting to audiences of potential customers than your competitors who do have a social presence.

It’s time to make sure you’re taking advantage of social media in the most productive way possible. Use it for connectivity. Be personal, know what’s important, and show your best self as productive leaders do.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, so let’s make the best of it as leaders.

How Can Leaders Use Social Media?

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