10 Tips to Build Your Brand on Social Media

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Build your brand profiles on social media to project the qualities of a positive, successful business leader. Doing so will help grow your career, confirm your professional qualities, show your values, and build better relationships with people from your company, your customers, and your industry.

As a leader, how should you build your brand profiles for social media to maximize their effectiveness?

That means you need to walk the extra mile to build your brand and authority as a true leader. One of the best ways to do so is to create and successfully manage your social media profiles.

What does this imply? It simply means that when your team members, colleagues, partners, or competitors look you up on social media, they come up with content that shows your professionalism and credibility. This will boost your personal image but also the image of the organization you’re representing.

Building Your Brand

Why Be Socially Active?

Before we dig any deeper into the writing tips and building your social media profile, let’s first focus on the reasons why you should be socially active.

Whether you’re a team leader in a small company or an executive leader in an international company- you should create a social media profile and use it actively.

Being socially active as a leader means:

  • being in direct contact with the people from your industry
  • communicating with your company’s customers
  • setting an example for your team members
  • staying updated on the trends, news, and events
  • constantly networking

All of this combined makes you a stronger figure for your entire business environment and shows why people around you should treat you with respect.

Being a Better Leader

Having a strong social media profile can make you a better leader. That’s another key reason why you should work on improving your social presence.

So, how do you become a better leader by being on social media?

Here’s how it impacts your leadership:

  • become more open to communication
  • receive and give feedback
  • have a chance to educate and advise those following you
  • promote the right values and skills
  • build better relationships with people from your company and industry
  • promote the company culture

Simply put, social media gives you a chance to build your brand and truly grow and develop as a leader, and expand your reach beyond your team and your company.

Choosing the Social Platform

Now that you understand the potential that lies in building your brand and having a strong social media presence, you still have to choose which social platforms to pursue.

You have a number of options, but we’ve selected our top three platforms for business leaders that we believe would give you the most benefits.

Social Media Platforms

Here are the top 3 social media platforms for business:


LinkedIn is widely known as a business and employment-seeking social platform, but it has changed over the years. While it was primarily used to find a job, connect to employers and employees, and recruit, it’s a bit different today.

Today, LinkedIn is far more laid back and a brilliant opportunity for you to stand out as a leader.

It allows you to:

  • connect to people
  • write blog posts and long-form articles
  • follow and share reputable sources of information

LinkedIn is perfect for building your social presence as a leader.


You may feel like Instagram is primarily a visual platform, and there’s not much a leader can do there. But it’s perfect for small business leaders and people who want to make a positive influence on others.

As a leader, you’d be able to use Instagram to share images and videos that capture the attention of the right people. You’ll use this content to tell stories, promote your company, promote your other social content, and build your brand even stronger.


Twitter is a platform that helps you nurture your leadership skills and stay in the center of the action at all times. It’s a platform where you get to read about breaking news, influential people and their opinion, and engage with the right people from your industry.

These are the three social media platforms we feel can bring the most gain and benefits to a leader. Now, let’s focus on the right kind of social media writing.

Social Media Writing Tips

Building a great social media profile as a leader is a demanding task. It takes time and determination to learn how to make it work. And the essential aspect you have to master is social media writing.

That’s why we’ve created a list of 10 writing tips that will help you make your social media profile strong and effective. Here’s how to write on social media.

1. Basic Info

Let’s talk about the basics of building a successful leadership profile on social media. The first thing we need to cover is the basic personal information you’ll feature.

That includes you:

  • profile display name
  • username
  • profile bio
  • profile image

Since you’re building a profile as a leader, you should make it about your name and your company. What does that mean?

It means your profile display name should be your own name, while you could place the name of your company in the username.

When it comes to your profile bio, it’s recommended that it has the following elements:

  • your job title
  • your company info
  • a link to your company’s website
  • a link to your other social platforms or your blog
  • hashtags that tell more about who you are and what you do
  • your location

Finally, your profile image should be a professional portrait shot that clearly shows your face. This will make your profile more relatable and give your followers a reason more to pay attention to what you’re saying.

Social Meadia Profiles

Here’s how Doug McMillon, the president and CEO of Walmart, built the basic info section on his LinkedIn profile. It contains all the crucial information about him and the details that might be important for those who follow him and look up to him.

2. Find a Voice

Leaders need to show consistency and credibility in every word they say or write. This means that your social media profile needs to follow these principles as well.

Finding your voice means knowing how you want to engage with your followers and what kind of image you want to build your brand.

That includes deciding on the details, such as:

  • the language formality level you’ll use
  • the type of personality you’ll impose
  • how do you want your flowers to see you

All of this reflects in the way you write. It’ll help you decide whether to use everyday language, emoji, slang, humor, formal addressing, or any other details that show who you are.

As a leader, you should stick to this formula:

  • everyday language
  • professional tone and voice
  • friendly personality

This will earn you both respect and connection to your audience at the same time. Once you find this voice, use it in all your social media writing, even across platforms.

Be consistent with your voice.

3. Set a Build Your Brand Goal

For each new picture, comment, story, or any other social media post you make, you need to have one clear goal of what you want to achieve with it.

Your goals will differ from post to post:

  • share information
  • provoke conversations
  • promote your company’s activity
  • engage followers
  • increase followers’ number
  • entertain

Think of your goal before you start writing the post, and it’ll make each of your posts more powerful and effective.

4. Share Your Experience

Most people in the business world today know how to conduct online research and find the information they’re interested in. This is why you should offer more than valuable content and information.

You need to write from your professional experience, just like the leadership expert Lolly Daskal does with her Twitter account.

Posting on Social Media

First-hand information from a leader is something young professionals will appreciate and be interested in reading.

So, make sure you create and share social media content that:

  • shows the result of your original research
  • shares your fact-based conclusions and opinions
  • explains the surveys you did 
  • shares facts and data you came up with
  • shows the statistics you’ve calculated

When people read first-hand, original content such as this, they know who it’s coming from and how you formulated it. It makes you a more trustworthy online source of information.

5. Promote Leadership Skills

When you build your brand on social media as a leader, you need to be able to inspire different members of your target audience. That includes those striving to become new leaders.

That’s why it’s important to write about leadership skills and promote the best leadership practices you know of.

Write content about:

  • creative problem solving
  • communication
  • employee motivation
  • employee discipline
  • self-improvement

You write inspirational messages, short stories, or longer articles that will prove your point. Whatever you choose, leadership skills and principles should be a regular part of your social media content.

6. Build Your Brand with Focus

Since you’re using your social media to promote yourself as a leader and to promote your company, your profile needs to have a clear focus. That means you can’t just wing it every day and decide what to post at the moment. Instead, you need to have a focus.

That means your social media profile should be consistent in the:

  • the topics you cover
  • the areas of interest that you talk about

For instance, you could focus on sharing company news and breakthroughs, industry news, resolving dilemmas, and giving your opinion on the latest trends and events.

This way, you’ll build an army of loyal followers who’ll keep coming back to your profile to find the information and facts they’re interested in. If your profile doesn’t have a focus, you won’t be able to find a steady target audience.

7. Diversify Content Type

Although you’re keeping your focus on certain topics and ideas, you still have room to be creative and make your profile stand out. You can experiment with different types of content and manage to publish something fresh and innovative every day.

You could be doing the following:

  • short explanatory and how-to videos
  • surveys
  • long-form blog posts
  • interviews with experts and influencers
  • live Q&A sessions
  • infographics showing data or stats

You can diversify as much as you want, but keep track of the engagement and activity each of your posts receives. Then, try to determine which posts get the best reactions from your audience and use those more frequently.

Diverse Social Media Content

8. Use Direct Communication

Writing on social media isn’t just about what you write and publish on your profile. It’s also about what you say in direct communication across the platform.

That refers to:

  • the comments you make
  • the direct messages you share
  • the reposting you do
  • the discussions you engage in

When communicating with people directly, you still need to:

  • keep your predetermined voice and style of writing
  • remember you’re representing your company
  • give your opinion on the things you’re experienced in

If you start engaging in conversations that don’t concern you or are not your primary focus, it could damage your reputation as a credible social media personality.

9. Address Social Issues

As a leader in a company, you have another responsibility towards your employees, colleagues, superiors, and those following you on social media. You’re expected to step up and address any type of social issues that may occur within your industry.

Building Your Brand Posting Info

This is especially the case if your company is actively involved in solving social issues and is socially aware.

Therefore, don’t be scared to talk about the following:

  • the problems the society is facing
  • the solutions your company is enforcing
  • the important messages that need to be heard

Whether it’s plastic reduction, animal rights, or hunger- take a stand and don’t push anything under the rug.

10. Inspire

You want to build your brand profile to be inspirational and positive. This doesn’t mean you always have to write happy posts and avoid mentioning problems or issues. On the contrary, building an inspirational social media profile is about your attitude.

Here’s what we have in mind:

  • don’t criticize anyone- instead, focus on your own opinion
  • when you’re writing about an issue, talk about solutions and ideas that could make a change
  • invite people to join a movement, take your advice, and make a change
  • show your energy, excitement, and passion for the job

All of this combined will make your profile inspirational and motivating for those following it. You’ll be setting an example that business is no place for bickering, attacking others, or criticizing people publically.

As a leader, you should always focus on staying positive and leading the way with your example.

Final Thoughts

The writing tips we’ve shared above are extremely helpful for building a strong, credible social media profile. Hopefully, you’ll start using them to build your brand profile today.

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