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Business intelligence platforms are among the most common buzzwords that one will come across in the digital marketing field. In crude terms, a business intelligence platform can be defined as a group of technologies and applications that can accumulate, store, analyze, share, and access these data to help users make better decisions for their enterprise.

With the terms Business Intelligence, you will find the word analytics attached to it. Analytics is a sub-category of business intelligence based on optimization, statistics, and prediction. So, if you want your business enterprise to perform well and level up, take the help of business intelligence and analytics services.

Business Intelligence Platforms Evolution

Business Intelligence Software and Systems

Under the roof of business intelligence platforms, a variety of various types of tools fall. However, some of the essential features and categories of Business Intelligence include the following:

  • Dashboards
  • Visualization
  • Reporting
  • Data mining
  • Extract transfer load
  • Online analytical processing

In the area of Business Intelligence platforms, there are tons of people offering services concerning business analytics. Some of the potent business intelligence and analytics platforms are given below in the table:

Business Intelligence and Analytics PlatformsPurpose
Tableau        This is a self-service analytics platform offering data visualization with many data set integrations.
SplunkA guided analytics platform that provides business intelligence and analytics as per the enterprise
AlteryxMerges the analytics from varied sources to ease the workflow and provide a healthy BI insight
QlikFocuses more on data visualization, BI, and analytics, with an extensive and measurable BI system
DomoA cloud-based platform offering business intelligence tools that cater to various industries
Dundas BIMainly used to create scorecards and dashboards but can also perform ad-hoc and standard reporting.
Google Data StudioThis is an advanced version of the Google Analytics Platform
Einstein AnalyticsAn attempt by Salesforce to enhance Business Intelligence with AI
BirstA cloud-based platform that offers multiple instances of BI software

Business Intelligence Implementation Tips

Now that you know how Business Analytics has been provided by various tableau development providers in the USA can help you, it is time to nurture some tips that can help implement business analytics successfully. Here are the tips to allow successful business intelligence implementation:

1. Be aware of your needs

First and foremost, you should know what suits your business. Once you can jot down your needs, you can choose a suitable business intelligence tool to deliver the desired results. However, when deriving your needs, make sure that your expectations from BI implementation are well-defined.

2. Create Manageable Parts for Business Intelligence Platform Implementation

Creating manageable parts of business intelligence platform implementation makes the process faster and allows you to complete the task in no time. In addition, it helps to break the project into multiple divisions so that the work gets completed faster.

3. Data Accumulation Through an ETL Process

Since most businesses have an online presence today, ETL or extracting, transforming, and loading can help you monitor every field, observe capturing of data, and stay updated with the data mechanism.

4. Employ a Process of Constant Implementation

The implementation process of business intelligence urges the organization to perform data-driven tasks. However, since the implementation is a one-time process, you need to watch your business’s essential key metrics constantly. Besides, the way BI uses agility is sure to help you immensely.

5. Ensure to Work with Clean Data

To ensure the better working of the business intelligence software, entering clean data is a must. Since every output depends on the information you enter, the cleaner the data, the better the output you can expect. Make sure to avoid data inconsistency and related other data mistakes. 

6. Involve Everyone

When you are implementing a BI strategy into your business, all of the employees in your business should be aware of it. The best strategy would be to involve the employees in your team so that they are well aware of all the business intelligence policies and their implementation.

7. Maintain a Policy of Simplicity

When choosing BI software, pay attention to the process of simplification while the BI is getting implemented. Before you pick business intelligence platform software, make sure it is easy to use. Also, include various learning strategies in the process of business intelligence software implementation.

8. Make Business Intelligence Platform Implementation Friendly

With the arrival of SSBI or self-service business intelligence, you don’t have to bother about the cost of BI implementation. However, when using SSBI, make sure to use it in stages for a more cost-effective approach.

9. Start with Quick and Small Victories

When you are just starting with business intelligence implementation, ensure that you begin with attaining achievable goals. To authenticate the business intelligence platform implementation process, work with new business intelligence analytics at a time. Understand the importance of data and prioritize them. Small victories mean the organic spreading of Business Intelligence. 

10. Use Proper Project Documentation

The project documentation of business intelligence includes ensuring that the terminologies are adjusted, supporting the usage of all the versions of the terminologies, and delivering updated information for all reported issues.


Ultimately, it can be said that business intelligence platform analytics is the new mindset tool that is here to stay for the upcoming decades to improve business growth and constant transformation. Using the tips mentioned above will help you extract better business growth.

Have You Implemented a Business Intelligence Platform?

If you have ideas about business intelligence platforms or their implementation that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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