5 Things To Focus On To Become a Team Leader

By Micheal Gilmore

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It may seem like great team leaders are born that way because they are able to make complex decisions under pressure and find their way out of complex situations. But leadership is a skill that can be acquired over time, just like anything else. It is the result of accumulated experience, skills, knowledge, and even failures and mistakes.

Team leaders are able to find solutions to complex problems under pressure due to their understanding of the issues and their experience with encountering different situations.

According to William Goldberg: “All that experience allows them to make decisions almost intuitively, regardless of their magnitude and pressure they are under. Aside from being able to go with their gut, all great leaders are masters of anticipating business changes, trends, discovering opportunities others haven’t been able to see and being there for their team”.

If you are aspiring to become a leader, here are five things you need to focus on:

1. Team Leaders Make Decisions

We’ve already touched on how leaders are great at making decisions, but that’s only one part of it. They are also capable of creating an environment and dialogue which enables them, or members of their team, to come up with solutions and strategies.

By making the right decisions, they ensure the progress of the company.

Also, they know their way around corporate politics and only focus on the issues which are important, which enables them to make quick decisions under pressure.

2. Listen to What Others Have to Say

If you are a leader, people will listen to you and look to you for guidance and advice. But they will also want to have their voice heard. This means you should also find the time to hear them out and consider their ideas and suggestions.

You will create an atmosphere where they aren’t afraid to come to you if you are being more receptive to their feedback and remarks.

One of the tricks you can rely on is to repeat what they are saying, which forces you to really analyze it, and it leaves an impression on members of your team that their contributions are being valued.

3. Be an Example to Your Employees

It is one thing to preach the right words to your employees, but it’s an entirely different matter to actually provide an example for them and do as you say.

Demonstrating your willingness to stand behind your every word will show them you are not reciting empty phrases at them but that your words carry a certain weight and meaning behind them.

Also, as a leader, you will be exposed to the judgment of others who are watching your every move. If your words are supported by your actions, people will come to trust you.

4. Give Feedback

If your team members never receive any feedback from you, they won’t be able to know if what they are doing is right, and they will come to doubt their own abilities and will not improve.

By letting them know what you think of their work and asking them to provide feedback on your work, you are enabling the exchange of ideas and establishing trust between you and your colleagues.

On top of that, proper feedback allows your employees to do better, which ultimately benefits you and the company. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

5. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Being a leader doesn’t mean you are going to be right all the time. Some of your ideas will backfire, and that is OK as long as you admit to them and learn from the experience.

By showing some humility on your part and working hard on not repeating past mistakes, you will gain the respect of your employees.

Denying them would cause you to look irresponsible and untrustworthy, which are not qualities suitable for a great leader.

Being a Team Leader

Being a great leader is not just about you but also about the people who work for you. It takes skills, anticipation, and tact.

What Should Team Leaders Focus On?

If you have ideas about becoming a team leader that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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