When we think of excellence in business or what is known as Best in Class, what is it that drives such a company? Quite often, it is as simple as being excellent at customer service. We have all seen companies that are terrible at customer service. It isn’t that these organizations think the customer isn’t

Can Customer Service Move a Company from Good to Great?

“True success in life isn’t rare because people are weak or lazy or lack willpower or fear success. True success in life is rare because too often people use flawed strategies for success.” To accomplish anything of significant value, you must begin by establishing smart goals. Deciding Where You Want To Go As you think

4 Simple Steps to SMART Goals

Leadership… Almost everyone has heard that you’re supposed to lead from the front or lead by example. Recently we’ve heard the term ‘leading from behind. What do these concepts actually mean, and how do they relate to leadership? As an observer of leadership tendencies, you see all kinds of methods or styles being embraced. I

Leading the Way or Leadership from Behind?

I met and hired my future boss while attending a regional corporate kick-off for a company I was employed at in 2013. One of the keynote speakers talked about something I had never heard from a podium previously. He talked about another individual at the function that he had hired several years prior to this.

I Just Hired My Future Boss!

There are many opportunities for us to examine and learn from leadership styles management, organizational structures, operational procedures, and effective leadership skills. With that in mind, let’s examine just how the Nottingham Merger came about. Although this data is dated, it shows us how two different approaches can be merged into one successful organization. The

Leadership Styles Management – The Nottingham Merger

When did mediocre leadership skills become the goal of personal and professional achievement? In ‘In Search of Excellence,’ Thomas Peters relates a story where he worked with some executive clients to become excellent. After talking about moving the organization more toward excellence, one executive spoke up. He said he was sick and tired of all

Mediocre Leadership Skills… The New Excellence?

Very few people have realized what I have known for a while. Christopher Robin is one of the great leadership gurus of the late 20th century. Christopher Robin has faced an ever-changing and challenging environment and hosts many misaligned personalities. Through Christopher Robin’s leadership skills and unique management style, he continually resolves issues in each

Christopher Robin on Leadership

Leaders use the butterfly effect to unlock the potential of others. Emerson demonstrates there is great potential in leadership skills. As Emerson clearly demonstrates, there is great potential in the human mind in each of us. Leaders are bewildered by the fact that individuals cannot grasp the premise that they can do greater things. What

Leadership Skills and the Butterfly Effect

Sometimes, leaders must find solutions to performance problems requiring delicate and intuitive skills! Recently, I read a book that I felt was extremely important and a useful performance management tool. Analyzing Performance Problems: or You Really Oughta Wanna by Dr. Robert Mager and Peter Pipe is a no-nonsense and straightforward look at the issues related to

Analyzing Performance Problems

Companies are constantly faced with finding the means to stay profitable and with a whirlwind pace of change. Maintaining a competitive advantage in such an environment is difficult in tough economic times. This means enterprises must be adaptable, learn quickly, and consistently transfer knowledge gained throughout the organization. This constitutes creating a continuous learning and communication

Staying Competitive Through Employee Retention

What is the meaning of innovation? That’s a big question because today, more than ever, businesses have to be innovative to be successful. Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner state that the meaning of innovation is taking creativity and transforming it into something that has valued use. The word innovation, like transformation, seems to be overused everywhere. It

Tapping into Creativity: The Meaning of Innovation

How does one go about leading with change when serious budgetary constraints and departmental politics stand in the way? The change will not undertake itself. If, as the saying goes, change is the only constant, someone must take charge of leading with change in order for it to be successfully implemented. Working with a company

Leading With Change Through Empowerment