According to a report by Nielsen, seventy-three percent of eco-friendly millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable goods and services. Millennials have grown up at a time when climate change has been at the forefront of national and international conversations. Knowing that they’ll likely be the first generation to feel its effects, many of

Eco-Friendly Leaders Help Companies Grow

What’s your leadership style? Whether you are recruiting your first employee or expanding your workforce in a time of growth, employees look to you for direction. As a leader, employees expect clear, consistent guidance and respect. According to the Harvard Business Review, employees that feel respected are 55 percent more engaged at work. It is your

What’s Your Leadership Style? 3 Questions To Ask

The leaders of organizations are always looking for better ways to positively influence workplace culture. As it turns out, the act of giving gifts to clients and staff—or corporate gifting—is a great way to go about it. It’s so good that 40% more businesses are planning to give gifts to their workers and clients this year. Given that

Investing in People: 3 Long-Term Perks of Corporate Gifting

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, has always demonstrated democratic leadership to make tough decisions, such as channeling resources to big-data efforts. Through her, IBM continues to grow and is partnering with government enterprises (among other entities) to leverage its ability in cognitive computing. In participative leadership, employees who would otherwise feel undermined by hierarchical standards

3 Ways Democratic Leadership Helps Business Growth

Leaders may often overlook the need to take care of their health. One crucial aspect of this is hydration. Coffee isn’t the only drink that can help you achieve your leadership goals. In fact, overindulgence in caffeinated drinks could impair your cognitive function and decrease how well you perform as a leader by dehydrating you.

Hydration and Leadership

Thousands of websites promote the idea of working from home as your own boss or as a freelancer or remote worker. But few of them look in depth at the role of the work-from-home bosses. Many businesses grow out of homes, but thanks to the Internet and cloud technology, it’s now possible for them to

Leading from Home: Professional and Lifestyle Challenges