Imagine there is a process for managers to solve impossible workplace conflicts. Not just any conflicts – but nasty, deeply rooted, and long-term conflicts – the kind of conflicts that rob everybody in your workplace of time and emotional energy. Now imagine this process taking less than an hour. I have facilitated this process seven times

Impossible Workplace Conflicts Solved – In About an Hour

Leaders have great ideas. If you have a great idea, why don’t you write a book? How hard could it be? You wrote long papers in college. Perhaps you write extended reports in your current job.

Leaders, Write a Book – Just Don’t Quit Your Day Job

While people under 35 seem to be taking the world’s transformation to social networking in stride, I am finding a trend of indifference or even resentment toward social networking among my fellow Baby Boomer Generation business leaders.

Social Networking, Deal with It: Your Livelihood May Depend on It

Are you in the job transition process?

Leaders in Job Transition Save Pain and at Least $10,000

So you’re looking for a job and you get that big interview. Your natural tendency is to focus on what you see as the most important factor: YOU. Most job candidates prepare for interviews by focusing on themselves, their past performance, their achievements, their success stories. By the time of the interview, these candidates are

The Power Job Interview: It’s Not All About You