We have learned the alphabet through many venues. Some of these venues were at home with our parents, at school, or while watching educational shows such as Sesame Street, School House Rock, or our purple friend Barney. We learned the alphabet through continuous repetition, which came in many forms. Those forms included looking at the

The 3 L’s of Leadership – Look, Listen, and Learn

Mentoring student leaders is part of my responsibility to develop future leaders. Peter Block is quoted as saying, “We get the leaders we create.” This could be in your workplace, community, school, or even your home. Developing leaders is not something that should be taken lightly, nor is it something that we should expect others

3 Surefire Ways to Develop Student Leaders for the Future

Effective leadership skills learned in one profession usually transfer to most new jobs, so I decided to make a change. After 18 years of working and serving in numerous roles in Juvenile Corrections (JC), I changed my career path. It was a very hard decision to make after 18 years. I worked with a lot

Effective Leadership, Passion, and a 7-Year-Old Autistic Boy

Managing by walking around helps organizations to be successful. Companies must have people that effectively run and operate them as they strive to grow and achieve their business goals. In business, that means meeting the bottom line, which is to make money. Effective leadership and leadership skills development is a key ingredients to businesses in

How To Manage By Walking Around

Have you ever been in a business meeting, event, or even at home, and there was this issue nobody wanted to discuss or bring up? This is a situation where solid leadership skills are important. If you were a junior in the company or the youngest in the family, it may have felt like it

Leadership Skills of Dealing with the Elephant

Engaging the workforce has long been one of the biggest challenges of any business leader. History has shown us that every time this country has experienced a weak economy, it eventually bounces back. Because of the weak economy, organizations may be facing a low percentage of employee turnover. Some executives may be tempted to think

Engaging The Workforce

Leaders work on self-development to become better and challenge themselves to learn as much as they can on their journey to being the best. One simple avenue of self-development is to read books. Leaders Are Learners I have had discussions with people who wanted to become better leaders that understood they needed to grow. The

Leaders Invest in Self-Development by Reading

Recently, I had a telling experience in building confidence when I visited a coffee shop to get my standard black coffee with two espresso shots. While waiting in line to place my order, it appeared the employee who was helping the customers was having a rough day. She accidentally knocked over a customer’s cup of

Building Confidence in Those We Lead

On December 12, ten middle school leadership students and I assisted in a community service event to help those in need over the holidays. The community event was Operation Holiday, which Inter-Faith Ministries, a non-profit organization, sponsors. According to the organization’s web page, “Operation Holiday serves seniors, individuals, and families living at or below the

Future Leaders in Servant Leadership