Good and great leadership have distinctive differentiating characteristics. Leadership is not one-dimensional. Emphasizing the Use of “Great” The adjective ‘great,’ when prefixed to a noun, makes it unusually intense and powerful. Yes, great also means excellent. But that is not the only meaning great can have. Great leaders are not just ‘better’ than good leaders.

Differentiating Between Good and Great Leaders

Being nervous when you have an interview lined up is normal. But if you get a call for an interview for your dream company, you might lose your calm. After all those job alerts on mobile and email that kept you ahead of your competition and months of working on your resume and cover letter,

3 Ways to Keep Calm When Interviewed by Your Dream Company

After years of operation, every enduring organization finds itself in a situation where it needs to strengthen its roots to be one of the key competitors in the market. Supporting an organization requires strong leadership at its core. Every team, large or small, needs a leader who can support the organization at the crucial stages

3 Traits to Establish an Enduring Organization