5 Steps for Leaders to Build a Great Team

By Kevin McNamara

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Working in a team is a challenge. But building a great team is even more complicated. It becomes even more so when you join a team and need to lead it.

These five steps will uncover the patterns you need to follow to build communication with your colleagues and increase team productivity.

If you want to make your team work, create some new approaches. Each team is different, and each person needs a different approach.

Your job as a team leader is to find the right approach and work with it to enhance team productivity.

1. Build Relationships With Everyone

It does not really matter how many people you have on your team. Whether it’s 5 or 55, you need to build relationships with each of the team members. You do not need to become their best friend, but you need to become a person whom they trust and on whom they can rely.

Being trusted by your team members can help to build a strong and efficient team, and it will help you build strong relationships with your colleagues as well.

The atmosphere is important for reaching desirable results. If you have some colleagues who tend to create issues, talk to them and find out why these situations are happening. Learn to resolve conflict, as your colleagues do not deserve to be in a tough atmosphere.

2. Notice Every Result

Never forget to give feedback. A great team leader knows how to give feedback even when situations do not work out as intended.

Feedback needs to be given on a regular schedule. Choose a certain amount of time (every week, every month, etc.) and learn to stick to it. Do not forget to praise and discuss achievements as well. Encourage your team to be inspired.

3. Stick to Your Promises

If you want to build good relations with your team, never give promises which you cannot keep. If you start to give out dozens of promises and keep few to none of them, you will start to lose your team’s trust.

If you understand that you’ve made a mistake regarding promises, acknowledge this to your colleagues. It is better to be honest than to prolong the situation to avoid any conflict.

4. Decide on a Procedure

In reality, a clear procedure is the only thing that makes working in a team effective.

The issue here is that people are different. Some of them think that they should do only what they have in their job description, and others believe that their work is to do everything their bosses demand of them. Some of them believe that they do not need to do something until a task is created for them. And, of course, someone may be ready to do everything without any system in place.

In order to ensure effective output, you need to create a defined procedure. Make sure to write down who is responsible for which task and who is involved in which projects.

5. Delegate Responsibilities

If you believe that you are the only person who can do everything properly in your team, it may not be right to be the leader. A good leader is ready to delegate responsibilities because they believe in their team.

Allowing your people to make decisions is one of the essential traits of a great boss. A good leader knows the strengths of each person on their team and knows who can do the best job for specific tasks. A delegation of responsibilities is another way to show your team members that you trust them in their current positions.

Your team is the best weapon to reach optimal results. Build your team, grow relationships, and believe in every person who works with you to make them believe in you.

How Do You Build a Great Team?

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