Top 5 Platforms for Team Communication

June 27, 2019

Effective communication within the team is key to success. As a leader, you are responsible for choosing a suitable communication platform which meets the needs of your organization and your team.

You should find software which will ensure that information flows freely among both managers and employees.

Here are five pieces of software that can help with team communication:

1. Microsoft Teams

If you are looking for the most secure platform, Microsoft Teams is a reliable solution for communication within big and small groups: from 10 to 10,000 team members.

Companies like General Electric, AirFrance/KLM, and Centra Health trust Microsoft Teams.

Whether your employees are working together on a monthly report in MS Word or a product presentation in MS PowerPoint, they can edit one file together.

MS Teams is a real-time collaboration booster, which takes the performance of the team to the next level.

2. Slack

Today, Slack is one of the most widely-used platform for communication with the team. It’s known that such companies as Airbnb, BBC, and Lyft utilize it regularly.

This platform is the right solution for your company if you are interested in using the advanced features of video calls. Slack allows interactive screen sharing so team members can assist each other in real-time.

This platform is an effective solution for you if your team actively collaborates with people and organizations outside of your company.

For instance, if your marketers regularly communicate with a freelance designer, you may provide this designer with the guest access to your corporate Slack account.  

3. TeamUp

If you regularly run numerous meetings and events for your team members, TeamUp will significantly facilitate your work. It will help your employees schedule their day wisely and submit all tasks on time.

The trick is that this tool will help to select the optimal date and time for team meetings. As a result, employees are able to avoid distractions and concentrate on their core activities.

Such world-famous organizations as BIC, Samsung, and NASA choose this communication platform among others available in the market.

So if you are looking for a practical solution to amplify a better time management practice, don’t hesitate to try this tool.

4. RocketChat

RocketChat allows employees to check emails and participate in group video and audio calls using one single app.

Consequently, it dramatically simplifies the communication process and reduces time wastes. Unsurprisingly, this app is extremely popular among innovative companies like Amazon and Oracle.

If your core business goal is to drive innovations, it’s strongly recommended to provide your employees with this user-friendly chatting app. RocketChat has a multilingual interface, so it’s a suitable option for diverse international teams.

5. Samepage

Samepage is the newest platform on the list. It was established in 2017. But despite this, it has a bigger number of useful features comparing to Slack and other popular platforms.

And if you are looking for affordable yet powerful software to manage the work of two or more departments, Samepage is an ideal option for you.

For instance, the marketing department can use this platform to stream focused social media updates and to manage product launches.

What about the human resource department, its employees can utilize Samepage as a tool to onboard new hires as well as post company policy documents.

It’s worth mentioning that this tool also works great for sales teams, medical offices and educational institutions.

Wrapping it Up

As you can see, there are lots of communication platforms available in the market. And if you are an effective leader, it will be easy for you to choose suitable software.

You just need to analyze which features your teams actually need, and which of technological solutions meets your budget.

Which Apps are Great for Team Communication?

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