We all know how challenging a job change can be. Right from leaving the comforts of a well-settled job to moving to a completely new work setting, meeting new people, making new friends, and everything in between can be a testing experience.

Now for a moment consider that you are required to relinquish your existing career and move on to new one. It would be the ultimate test of all your life skills.

Here are some tips to make reinventing your career a little easier:

Reinventing Your Career Strategy

Ever since the global economy came under the influence of a slowdown, attrition rates have increased considerably. In order to slim down their expenses, companies have been forced to hand over pink slips to their employees.

While for many, it is a distressing situation to be in, there are some enterprising individuals who use this as an opportunity to give themselves a break and rethink their career strategy.

In short, career change is a likely option for many of us to get moving ahead. There is no dispute over the fact that a complete reinvention of your career is dangerous territory to tread in, but taking a leap to a better life or career is worth all the stress that comes with it.

Understand the Challenges of Career Change

The first thing to do, even before you start finding new job, is to comprehend the challenges that might come along the way of a career change.

You will have to rethink the entire road map, rediscover your competencies, learn or unlearn some skills, and acquire a whole new attitude of going about doing things.

The extent of the challenges that you will have to incur will depend on how radical your career change is. You might have to go without a job for some period of time.

Having sufficient financial support to get you going during such times is necessary.

Other obstacles that might come in the way of your career change are a lack of family support and finding the right job that suits your personality.

Identifying New Goals

Once you have come to terms with the various hurdles in the way of reinventing your career now is the time to face them.

Set clear goals that you would like to accomplish.

Any journey isn’t complete until there is a destination associated with it. Same goes for your professional journey, which implies that setting short-term and long-term goals are as important as any other part of the entire reinvention process.

What’s the Buzz About Following Your Passion as a Career?

You have probably heard this a dozen times or more that the perfect career path is one which aligns you with your passions. However, there are multiple views about this whole phenomenon.

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While some career coaches recommend working in a field which you think you are passionate about, there are others who totally debunk it and advice on improvising your unique skills to become a strong job candidate and have a successful career.

How Do You Determine Your Passion?

Determining what drives you might require you to go back in time, when you were free from all the responsibilities, and enjoyed greater freedom of thought and action.

Reminding yourself of those days will help you uncover clues about the forgotten passions. Many times we ignore our innate talents in the wake of acquiring new skills.

Placing greater value on our natural strengths will give rise to careers which are built around our strengths, rather than weaknesses.

Sometimes it might also require you to come out of the self-created shell, and break the shackles of various imaginary family, physical or monetary constraints.

Is It Really Worth It?

Some career experts argue that the “follow your passion” theory isn’t as foolproof as it sounds. Mid-lifers who are into their 40’s and 50’s and are looking for a career change have already acquired certain unique and valuable skills which shouldn’t let go waste in the pursue of a new calling.

Instead of working backward on your skills, an ideal career change would be the intersection of your unique skills and your interests.

Seek Out Help Through Your Network

Once you are sure of where you want to go, it is time to seek some assistance from the relationships you have build along the course of your professional lifetime.

Extend your network to include individuals from the new work field and take advice regarding various aspects such as pursuing an academic qualification or finding the starting point to your new career.


The above listed points are just about some of the essential checkpoints which would help you in your pursuit of reinventing your career and building a better life.

There are many other small, yet important aspects, such as crafting a well-tailored resume, facing the interview confidently and pursuing new certifications that require attention in order to make the smoothest of career transitions.

How Are You Reinventing Your Career?

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