How Psychology Can Motivate and Increase Productivity

By Catherine Park

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Hiring and preserving extremely knowledgeable employees is a massive challenge for start-ups.

When the start-up is struggling to make a mark and achieve success, a lot of talented employees might find better-paying jobs and lucrative opportunities as a reason to leave. It takes a lot of motivation, appreciation, and trust to retain these employees and to involve them in your ambition.

For start-ups, it is very tough to provide monetary incentives and appreciation, and this is the reason why they need different strategies and motivational approaches toward employees.

By convincing the employees about the growth potential of the company and the importance of their contribution to success, companies can retain talented employees.

As a start-up, it is important to choose employees wisely. The initial recruits of a company are the backbone of the company and are responsible for framing the company’s future.

It is important to analyze several characteristics of individuals when you choose employees for your firm.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Eagerness and Self Motivation

An employee who is enthusiastic about their work and eager to add more value to your firm will bring some amazing results.

Self-motivation has a lot of important in the hiring process, as an employee with high self-motivation can work efficiently while avoiding the restrictions and flaws of a start-up.

While choosing potential employees, ensure that they are filled with motivation and are willing to contribute to building your firm.

Motivated employees will add more value and effort to your company and its performance. Choose an employee who understands your goals and can help meet demands.

Innovative and Trustworthy

There are countless start-ups in the market struggling to make their mark in the industry. In such a scenario, innovation will help your organization.

To build a unique and innovative company, you will need employees with unique and fresh ideas. Make sure you recruit immensely passionate and creative people.

Also, it is important for start-ups to maintain and hire loyal and trustworthy employees. In the initial stages, data loss and anomalies can damage the company.

The Hawthorne Effect

You can follow a promising psychology hack known as The Hawthorne Effect.

This hack expresses that employees reform better when they know they are being monitored. This theory helps in studying what people believe about the job and productivity.

Several tests were conducted to examine the impact of different physical aspects on the productivity of employees. The employees were divided into two groups, a test group, and a control group.

The test group faced physical changes like different working locations, better lighting, relaxed working hours, and frequent breaks. As a result, the productivity of the employees increased. The levitated productivity remained the same when the physical conditions got back to normal.

Analyzing the situation, the researchers stated that the rise in productivity was not due to changes in the physical conditions but due to the realization of the fact that the company was paying attention to them.

Due to this, employees felt genuine concern and a sense of responsibility towards the firm.

The famous Hawthorne effect can be used to make employees realize that their work is being monitored along with their performance. You can also make them aware of their rising or falling performance to boost productivity in each individual.

Feedback and Rewards

Another interesting way to motivate employees to work better is to provide regular feedback and suggestions for improvement and immense support. Another key point you can use to boost productivity is to explore competition.

Make employees compete with each other through events and games, and they will work hard to prove themselves.

You can accelerate productivity while having different departments compete with each other. Through this, the employees will work as a team to conquer the opposite team. Also, rewards like a holiday, a picnic, or a movie ticket will work if you have a tighter budget.

How Can You Engage in Psychology to Motivate Employees?

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