Don’t underestimate true motivation. Your team may be comprised of the most talented individuals on the planet. But mediocre results will be the norm if they aren’t motivated.

Great leaders help their team members achieve their true potential by cultivating a positive outlook and building excitement around their vision.  Motivated people will consistently give you their best work. As a leader, you are only as good as your team.

So, how do we get our team members motivated?

In this article, we’ll go over some ideas to help you get your team running in the right direction by increasing motivation.

  1. How Much Do You Value Your Employees?

We like to think that employees will not abandon us at the sight of a few extra dollar bills in our competitor’s hands. Surveys tell us that we’re wrong.

Although money may not be the only motivator, it is definitely toward the top of the list. If you want to keep your employees motivated, then you need to pay them what they’re worth and compete with the industry average.

  1. Invest in Their Personal Growth

Providing opportunities for self-development will give your employees a chance to develop their skills and also contribute more value to your organization.

Strong leaders will invest time and resources to encourage personal growth and development. This can be a big motivator and confidence-builder for your team members.

  1. Request Their Input

How often do you ask your employees to contribute to the conversation?

Ask for their feedback, suggestions and ideas. Make sure to really listen to the answers. This process is valuable for both employee motivation and new business insights. When your team is involved in the company’s growth it can inspire increased productivity and dedication.

  1. Change The Perception Around Mistakes

Errors that result from carelessness can be difficult to move past. But not all mistakes are the same.

Creating fear around mistakes stifles creativity and slows down productivity.

We all make mistakes; the key is to learn from them. Rather than creating stress around mistakes, teach your team members how to improve strategies and processes.

  1. Don’t Commit the Ultimate Sin

Whatever you do, don’t micromanage your employees.

A recent survey demonstrated a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and the ability to make decisions about how to best execute their job duties. When management oversteps, it can quickly lead to retention issues.

Breathing down someone’s neck as they attempt to get their work done is not motivating. It can induce rage in the most patient employees and can send them scrambling for a new job.

Set clear goals and hold your team members accountable for their work.

When it comes to performance management, motivating is essential. It can be tough to figure out the best way to encourage employee engagement, but the process can be simplified if you start with the right goals.

What Have You Found Successful for Motivating Your Team?

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Annabelle Smyth
Annabelle Smyth is a freelance writer located in Salt Lake City, Utah. She enjoys writing about leadership, HR, and employee engagement. She has most recently worked with CMOE, writing about business leadership best practices. When not writing and educating herself, you can find her hiking the canyons with her dog and friends.