7 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

By Brenda Miller

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Introverts make good leaders, but many people assume that extroverts are the ones who make the best leaders. However, this is not always the case. It’s no secret that extroverted people are known for being outspoken, loud, talkative, highly social, and outgoing. They are excellent public speakers, make connections, and are quick decision-makers.

With these extraordinary traits, introverts (whose name only appears next to ‘shy’ and ‘quiet’ in many sentences) are perceived to lack any chance in the leadership arena. This assumption couldn’t be more wrong.

A study has shown that at least 40% of leaders today are introverted. Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and Marissa Mayer are some who are very successful in the business world. You might think they are quiet, shy, and boring. But those qualities are what make them great leaders.

If you are introverted and in doubt that you can be a leader, here are 7 reasons why introverts make great leaders:

1. They Listen When Others Speak

The ability to pay attention is one attribute of a good leader. An extrovert will speak a lot when placed in any group, thus making them the center of attention.

The introvert quietly observes the group, listens to every person’s contribution, and will only speak when they have something meaningful to say.

They have the ability even to hear what is not being said, learn what motivates people, and understand them better because they are not at the center of attention.

2. People Listen When they Speak

It is said that there is power in silence. Since introverts take along to contribute to a discussion, when they eventually talk, their speech is so powerful that it impacts significantly on people, and this affords them a positive perception.

This is mainly because their contributions are always thoroughly thought out and well-developed hence valuable to the group.

Introvert Leader Listening to His Team

3. They Work Well in Solitude

Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest introverted men, explained how isolation, deep focus, and internalization have helped him succeed in this extrovert-dominated world.

Introverts prefer working alone but are always receptive to suggestions from their proactive employees.

Working in isolation enables them to focus better. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has also stated that you are only able to design revolutionary products when you are working alone. But this desire to work alone shouldn’t be confused with lacking people skills.

4. Introverts are Humble

Humility is not a quality you will find in many leaders. But it is what has pushed many introverts up the chain of authority. It helps them in managing people and makes them want to serve other people no matter their level.

It is this trait that makes introverts quietly confident. And they don’t boast about their accomplishments.

They advocate for leaders to assist their team in achieving their goals too. Humility enables introverts to succeed in business and life because they can acknowledge mistakes and accept limitations.

When you are humble, you can welcome new ideas and different suggestions without feeling threatened.

5. Introverts Develop Connections

Extroverts are known for being social and associating quickly with anyone in a conference room. On the other hand, introverts can be mistakenly judged to be disconnected from others or unable to make personal connections.

This is not true. It is just not easy for them to establish any relationship. Instead, they focus on quality and productivity, thus rendering the process of making connections slow but meaningful.

They will take time to open up to someone. But once they do, they establish deep relationships which are always personally and professionally rewarding.

6. They Make Decisions with Certainty

While an introvert would easily say, “Let’s just do it”, an introvert would say, “Are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

The two are quite different.

It’s not to say that introverts are afraid of taking risks, but it means when they take a chance, they would want to be sure of the right approach to do so. Introverts don’t jump to conclusions.

They do not make decisions with hast. They take their time. They think about an idea thoroughly and weigh every option and angle before they act.

Great leaders are great decision-makers. It is this ability to contemplate that propels introverts to high heights.

7. Introverts Are Great Problem Solvers

When faced with a problem, introverts persist until they get a solution. After all, the ability to solve problems is a bonus trait for any entrepreneur. Albert Einstein stated that his ability to stay with a problem longer is what made him seem smart. Employees will always remain productive if you can solve problems in your business.

A Leadership Role

It is not a must for you to be the loudest and most highly social person to make a good leader.

You do not need to be the center of attention in every talk for your leadership skills to be noticed. Your silence is the key. As an introvert, your ability to think before you act can be the strength that lands you in a leadership role.

Introverts are as good as an extrovert, if not better. Your personal strengths are the key to making a great leader.

If you are an introvert, do not try too hard to be an extrovert. Just be yourself and rely on your strengths.

How Can Introverts Make Great Leaders?

If you have ideas about introverts that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Brenda Miller
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