5 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged and Motivated

February 19, 2019

Employee satisfaction is a complex arena for most business managers. Finding innovative ways to maximize employee growth and performance can be challenging.

While sticking to the traditional strategy of offering financial bonuses might have worked wonders in the past, these incentives are no longer sufficient to generate employee satisfaction.

Interestingly,  job satisfaction depends on several other important factors that have nothing to do with monetary gain.

Employees rate factors of being valued as a team member and being appreciated for their contributions far higher compared to being offered promotions or getting a raise when it comes to job satisfaction.

Managers in the current business environment should have the capability of motivating their employees and the creative potential to challenge their employees in new, meaningful ways.

Keeping employees engaged while ensuring that they are empowered enough to step outside of their comfort zones in order to embrace professional growth, requires a number of key strategies that managers can utilize.

1. Leadership Support

Strong leadership serves as one of the cornerstones of innovation, positive change, and advancement.

Employee motivation is largely dependent on leadership support. Supportive leaders ensure that they work closely with their employees and collaborate with them on projects rather than simply supervise.

Effective leaders understand that they need to lead by example in order to influence employees in a positive manner.

They set strong standards of accountability for themselves and encourage others to follow them as well.

Furthermore, they have a clear vision for the future of their business and they share this vision with their employees, encouraging them to be part of the their goals and dreams.

Which is why employees working under a driven, charismatic, self-motivated and supportive leader experience greater work satisfaction.

2. Training & Feedback

Training programs are known to boost satisfaction for employees tremendously.

Businesses can provide customized training to employees so as to provide opportunity to expand and develop their industry knowledge and skills.

This allows them to perform better and ultimately increases job satisfaction.

It is imperative that these professional development training programs and courses are offered in relevant subject matters.

Key components of job training include time spent in training, training methodologies, and content – all of which have been found to be significant in their relationship to job satisfaction.

To make things even easier, companies can use employee and staff training software that reduce course creation costs and saves time.

Training software for employees and online courses like those available on About Leaders and other learning management systems can easily allow companies to engage their employees by providing them with relevant training and courses to help them improve and increase job performance.

Training software for employees also makes it easier for company managers to gain real-time analytics on job performances and increases chances of providing constructive feedback.

3. Effective Communication

Effective communication is one of the key interpersonal skills that influences everything from relationship dynamics within a company to workforce creativity.

To increase employee engagement and help people stay motivated, it is essential that a healthy workplace culture is established that encourages the sharing of information, ideas, thoughts and opinions without any restrictions or discrimination of any kind.

Managers should encourage employees to speak their mind freely in meetings and welcome them to become part of the decision-making process.

This ensures that everyone in the company feels valued and their opinions and ideas are heard.

Employee-to-employee communications should also be encouraged to allow information and ideas to flow easily.

4. Rewards & Recognition

Recognizing the efforts of the employees and letting them know that their contributions are being appreciated is essential.

One way to show appreciation and provide further encouragement and motivation to employees is by starting a rewards program.

The rewards program serves as more than just a simple incentive for employees to work harder and perform better. It allows them to become engaged in the process of maximizing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.

This engagement via the rewards program at the individual level is priceless because it encourages both personal and professional development.

Additionally, corporate gifts and festive occasions can also provide motivation.

5. Set Attainable Goals

SMART goal-setting is a great strategy to ensure that all employees are on the same page regarding what needs to be done and what contributions they need to make in order to attain goals.

The SMART goal-setting strategy ensures that the goals that you set for your employees are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based.

This can be done through dividing up the goals into short-term and long-term goals.

Attainable goals that have a clearly defined agenda and a proper time-frame are easier to accomplish since everyone is on the same page in terms of what needs to be accomplished.

Setting attainable goals coupled with all of the factors listed above, managers can ensure that they keep their employees engaged and motivated thereby improving the efficiency of the organization as a whole.

How Can You Keep Employees Engaged?

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