Team building is an easy way to increase employee happiness, productivity, and morale. While a solitary ant can’t accomplish much by itself, a group of ants allows an entire colony of ants to survive and prosper. The same can be said about a business and its workers. A company may hire the most qualified, cunning

Benefits of Incorporating Team Building Into Your Company Culture

No organization can survive without a people plan—the plan for its people. Just as a company needs the plan to ensure the proper functioning of its business or specific departments, it also requires a plan for the most crucial resource: employees. A people strategy defines how a company manages and develops the workforce, from hiring

What is a People Plan and How Do You Make One?

Your strategy for business is the foundation for a safe and productive company. Employees may come and go, but your strategy for business endures throughout the life of a company. Incorporating work procedures into your business strategy doesn’t just help onboard new employees. They also ensure that the company produces quality results for its customers

Incorporating Work Procedures into Your Strategy for Business