You have put in the time, developed impressive leadership skills, and demonstrated unmatched prowess in your field. You got the job. Congratulations, and welcome to your new team. Now what? This article will provide a few back-to-basics tips to implement within the first 90 days of managing a new team as seen through the lenses

You’re the Leader with a New Team – Now What?

The quality of relationships and leadership is filled with ups and downs. It is a challenging and rewarding experience that includes a myriad of successes and failures. Through the experiences of this role, leadership has the power to evoke raw emotion along the way. Such emotions are demonstrated when leaders relish in the brilliant ambition

Managing Quality of Relationships During Difficult Times

Building a strong workforce, with solid organizational health, is a requirement for any company seeking to achieve its goals. Progressive organizations understand that the key to an effective team is dependent on the quality of leadership. Leaders typically find themselves managing teams with multiple layers of behavioral dynamics. This means it is paramount for leaders

Building Leadership and Organizational Health

I am a huge fan of mentoring, both at work and in life. Mentors are people who are thought leaders in your industry. They shape you, your beliefs, and society at large. Mentors are everywhere! It is a surprise that a vast majority of people turn their noses up at the thought of mentoring. This

Debunking Mentoring Myths

Are you searching for ways to increase your ability?  Check your LEADitude! LEADitude is your attitude toward leadership. It is the mindset involving how leaders motivate employees, create a vision, and engage team members to achieve organizational goals. A tool to determine LEADitude success is an internal measurement called leader GPS. Understanding the power of

Your LEADitude Will Determine Your Latitude

The ability to influence the leadership skills of your team members in order to meet organizational demands is a complex element of the overall leadership development picture. Leaders are tasked with effectively guiding organizational goal achievement while considering team member skills necessary to produce the desired output. A focus on balancing talent development with organizational

Leaders Influence Team Performance and Goal Achievement

Leadership is an evolution of competencies and behaviors that inspires team members to achieve success. Competencies include creating a vision, emotional intelligence, managing conflict, strategic planning, and financial acumen. Being able to show innovation in leadership is one of the most essential of these competencies. Because businesses change rapidly, leaders need to understand and address

What’s the Point of Innovation in Leadership?

I once heard that Khalil Gibran defined leadership as the ability for one to self-direct in order to lead others. This dynamic continuum of progressive development requires the individual to be aware of personal truths that advance or impede a leader’s ability. Sounds reasonably simplistic, right? After all, many leaders attribute success to an ability

3 Steps to Self Leadership

How many times have you been on the receiving end of ‘the talk’ – the performance appraisal ‘talk’, that is? Well, I have been given this talk every year for as long as I have been in the workforce. Sometimes, ‘the talk’ is effective and based on an honest evaluation of expected performance. Other times,

Honest Performance Appraisals for Employees

Recently, I had an opportunity to observe several scouts prepare for a weekend trip. As the boys gathered camping supplies, water, and cooking tools necessary for the long haul and an exciting weekend, they demonstrated a variety of leadership skills. What was most interesting about observed interactions between the scouts was the emergence of leadership

Leaders that Improve Interpersonal Dynamics Have More Fun

Who are the people in your professional network? This is a good question that was raised by a theme song for a classic children’s television show. The song taught children about the importance of interacting with a variety of people each day. A component of the interactions focused on the many professions that people in

Leaders Help Team Members Build a Professional Network