Try these 5 powerful leadership strategies if you work with people who seem stuck or “resistant.” 1. Look Forward/Look Backward Ask the person to look at what life was like prior to the current problem. Exploring this will identify their potential motivators. Also, look forward to goals and plans and exploring how my current behavior

5 Powerful Leadership Strategies

There seems to be an ongoing debate about leadership vs. management and supervision. Do you think they are exclusively different, one and the same, or are they related and inter-mingled? Based on your experiences, what thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions do you have about the leadership vs. management debate? Let’s talk about this for a moment.

Management and Supervision vs. Leadership

An organization I work with experienced tremendous, rapid business growth. Along with the typical “growing pains,” employees were overextended because programs were understaffed. Therefore, I stepped in to help front-line staff. Now, realize this: it had been years since I was “in the trenches.” So you can imagine my surprise. Wow, was that an eye-opening

Leaders, Remember Where You Came From and How You Got Here

Any strength overused will become a weakness! Strengths and Weaknesses Although many people think that one behavioral style may be better than others, that simply isn’t true. All styles are necessary in a team/workplace, and each of them has strengths and weaknesses. For instance, many of the leaders with whom I’ve worked have a strong

When Leadership Strengths Become Weaknesses

In my work with successful leaders, I have discovered a number of “traps” in which they get stuck in their leadership efforts. Here are 6 ways to prevent these obstacles.

6 Leadership Traps Successful Leaders Avoid