6 Tips To Help Leaders In The Pursuit Of Inner Peace

By Neerav Mehta

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A friend of mine ran a successful software business in California. He was a popular man who won everyone’s trust. Clients agreed with him, and employees held him in high regard.

My friend enjoyed leadership and its privileges. People thought he was the happiest person in the world.

But this was far from the truth.

I knew this friend personally and realized he was a tormented soul. His constant pursuit of success had left his mind in turmoil. He dealt with many things while running his business, from acquiring funds and pursuing new customers to keeping employees happy all the time. He went through a lot to enjoy his success.


Over the last year, I sat down with him and had several discussions regarding his state of mind.

The following six tips are lessons that were learned and can help any leader in their pursuit of inner peace:

1. Have a Strong Belief in Your Strengths

Some leaders begin to lose focus and self-confidence after a while. The primary reason for this is the failure they encounter at regular intervals. For them, each failure serves as the proverbial nail in the coffin!

How much faith do you have in yourself? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to rise to the challenges posed by competitors? It’s time to buckle up and get inspired! Learn from the experts in your domain and become a stronger and more inspiring individual!

2. Share Your Fears With Someone You Trust

A business leader has so many things going on in their mind at all times. Running a business can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It’s important that you find an outlet that helps to reduce stress.

This can be achieved by confiding in people who care about you the most. This could either be a friend or a family member. Open up to them, and you will find yourself relieved to a great extent. The relief you gain can clear your mind, helping you focus on your tasks.

3. Forget The Past and Look Forward

It’s important not to hold a grudge. Don’t envy your competitors, and be on courteous terms with them. They will likely extend the same courtesy back.

A great way to let go is to list your grudges and regrets. Make sure you reconcile with them in your mind so that they don’t bother you anymore. This will help to ensure you can look to the future with a clean slate.

4. Realize Your Expectations Will Not Always Be Met

Most of us have great plans for the future. But experience has shown that things don’t always work out as planned. Be modest while setting up expectations, and keep a backup plan ready to handle any failures. Worry less about not reaching the goals as expected by being prepared for any potential failure.

5. Be Humble

Every step you make in the business world must be geared towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams. Keep egoistic pursuits out of it.

6. Don’t Keep Things for Later

Putting off tasks is a common mistake and can lead up to stress over time. Procrastination can have disastrous consequences, so it’s important that you perform daily tasks on time with little hesitation.


Learning to organize and schedule things accordingly can help greatly in achieving goals on time.

Following the tips featured in this article is a time-consuming process but definitely worth the time and effort. I hope they help you gain control over your state of mind.

How Can Leaders Strive for Inner Peace?

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Neerav Mehta
Neerav Mehta
Neerav Mehta is the CEO and Founder of SF Bay Area company Red Crackle. He leads a team of Drupal experts to build technology solutions for complex business requirements. Neerav is an avid reader and writes technical and entrepreneurial articles in his free time.
  • David McCuistion says:

    These are great points. The American POWS in Vietnam had Five Faith’s that gave them inner strength and peace during their captivity: Faith in God, Country, family, fellow POWS and self. I have found these to be extremely valuable in my personal life-journey.

    Thanks for the article.

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