4 Ways Leaders Use Technology to Manage Performance

By Divyang Metaliya

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Managing a checklist for tracking and managing the performance of the employees is not an easy task. With developing technology, it is better to have a performance management system that keeps up with the fast-paced automated processes.

The traditional method, no doubt, has its own set of perks. However, with the amount of time it consumes, it becomes unreasonable to dedicate a tremendous amount of time to something that needs quick results.

It is understandable that as a leader or a manager, your primary focus is to enhance the employee’s working experience by creating a better workplace and favorable environment for the employees.

What can be done by the business to enable the leaders or the managers to overcome the complicated and time-consuming performance management processes and focus on more niche tasks? The answer is simple. Seek help from technology and allow the performance management software to take care of these tedious tasks for you.

According to business researcher Josh Bernisn, 70% of all companies have either restructured their traditional performance management system or plan to do so.

Many companies make use of these performance management software solutions to make performance management processes easier and quicker. This software automates the entire process and maintains the accuracy and compliance of the operations. Due to this reason and the benefit of eliminating human intervention, more businesses have started adopting performance management software.

How Leaders Use Technology to Manage Performance

As discussed above, organizations have started leaning on performance management software to better evaluate employee productivity. Here are some easy in which technologically advanced software helps leaders to assess the performance of their team.

1. Regulatory compliance

It is easy to make mistakes in lawful compliance of the process when manually managing the performance. An individual can memorize only so many laws. These laws and regulations keep changing over time.

The leader’s lack of awareness about the law may result in mistakes in the evaluation process. This applies to the company policies too. However, when the company allows the software to take over the assessment process, it becomes easier to remove the operations’ compliance errors altogether. The software has an inbuilt program that keeps lawfulness in check.

When there are any changes in the legislation, the software adapts to it with just one update. The work on the employer’s/ leader’s part is to click the update button, and that’s it. They do not need to remember complex laws and orders regarding the same.

To make the leader’s work even more accessible, the company can integrate this software with leading software like payroll management software, attendance management software, timesheet management software, or all. This integration allows performance management software to gather information from the coordinated software rather than manual input from the leader.

With this integration in use, the leader’s task is limited to reading the performance and evaluation reports and announcing the employee’s promotion, appraisal, transfer, or termination. This way, the leader can focus on more essential tasks like team-building, employee motivation, resolving team conflicts, etc.

2. Real-time information generation

There are times when the business needs information about the employee’s performance instantly. The leaders cannot get quick access to this information when required because it is time-consuming and complicated. It is not possible to get information ‘right here, right now.’

On the contrary, performance management software is able to overcome this issue. With everything managed, monitored, and stored in the cloud platforms, the software is able to generate quick information for authorized personnel. All the leader has to do is type in the employee’s name, click the ‘show information’ option, and voila! The information is available on the leader’s screen. This is possible when the software can integrate with the other modules or other software and extract the necessary information from the same and present it as and when demanded.

The software keeps real-time data, meaning that if the employee updates the completion of a task while the employer is looking at his performance at work, the system will automatically update the information with the inclusion of the employee’s finished job at the same time. In the traditional method of performance assessment, this is not quite the case: the employer cannot include the employees’ tasks (which he is not aware of) in the performance information.

It is quite inconvenient on the employee’s part to call the employer/ leader to inform him about every task he completes. Thus, having technology that can update the information in real time is useful in urgent circumstances.

Enable employee participation

The technologically advanced software gives a detailed report about the employees’ contribution to the organization. From this information, the employer or the leader can help formulate future goals for the employee that align with the objectives of the company.

When the employees know what they are supposed to do and what importance they hold in the organization, they are motivated to contribute more to the organization. Their satisfaction increases when they know that their contribution to the organization’s success is valued and appreciated. With the manual system, this participation is not possible.

Employers or leaders cannot have a clear idea about the employee’s future tasks. In that case, the employee may feel left out or misguided, increasing dissatisfaction with the organization. Problems like employee turnover, reduced productivity, unwillingness to work, etc., are the result of employee dissatisfaction. 

Aligning the employee goals with the organizational goals is beneficial to the company because the employees receive a target from working on and receiving recognition and appraisal on completion of the same.

According to Hubspot, 69% of employees feel that they would consider putting in more effort if their efforts were recognized. The employees feel more connected to the organization. Their loyalty towards the establishment skyrockets, and they continue to deliver their skills to the company’s work.

Reports and analytics

Performance management software provides real-time reports and analytics about the employee’s contribution to the organization. The software is able to generate the information in standard or customized formats with bulk generation to get information about all the employees.

It takes into account the time the employee spends at the workplace and on a particular task, the number of assignments completed by the employee, and the quality of his output. These factors are then evaluated as per the performance measurement policy of the organization to get reports and analytics about employees’ performance.

In a manual system, the employer or the leader has to make these reports from scratch. This process would include having to record each and every assignment the employee worked on, and their contribution to the same, evaluate their performance and form a report about the same.

With technology in charge of the report generation. It becomes easy for the employer or leader to understand the report and analytics and come to a decision about the employee’s rewards.


Technology has made every single aspect of our lives easier. Starting from daily life to office work, you name it, and technology simplifies it. The leaders, however, have benefited from the technology in the best possible way. The innovative software allows them to focus on essential fields like team building, motivating employees, encouraging them to accomplish their goals, and maintaining a healthy working environment.

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Divyang Metaliya
Divyang Metaliya
Divyang Metaliya is a Business Consultant at factoHR.com, an India-based HR and Payroll Software solution provider.
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