Maintaining persistently high levels of motivation becomes a real challenge. Besides money and benefits, people have other needs.

Here’s a list of ten ways you can effectively motivate your employees:

1. Create a Comfortable Working Environment

The simplest motivation level is based on people’s need for safety and comfort. Your workers will become more effective and productive when they are comfortable and happy.

Your office may look like any other traditional working environment, but details matter.

Take care of lighting, temperature control, and quality furniture. Create a homelike atmosphere where your workers will want to spend their time and even look forward to the new working day.

2. Be Supportive

Strive to create friendly conditions. Try to develop trusting relationships with your workers, back them up, protect their interests, and assure only fair criticism. Address their concerns quickly and give feedback.

Another thing is granting autonomy. Show your team you trust them to make their own decisions. It’s a good jumping-off point to form the emotional bond between you and your team.

3. Implement a Reward System

Implementing a reward system is a tried-and-true motivator for people of any age and field of work. You can provide smaller but more regular rewards, like a quarterly bonus.

You could also create a commission structure. It can be a non monetary reward like additional days off or personal parking spots.

Try different options to find out which one works for your organization.

4. Give Employees Room to Grow

Give your team chances to develop and improve the necessary skills to do their job. Offering extra training can be a great way to keep them motivated.

Another good option to contribute to the development of the team and personal growth of individuals is mentoring programs or work shadowing. It’s a great chance to learn and motivate entry-level employees quicker and more efficiently.

5. Provide Feedback

Consistent feedback is a significant part of motivation. Provide regular reports on the company’s gains and losses.

Some constructive criticism can give your employees the required motivation. You can also use an outstanding performance to show how you want things to be done.

Give productive and useful feedback about work progress. Discuss areas that need improvement to increase worker productivity.

6. Let Everyone Take Part in Decision Making

Let your employees make decisions on concerns they are involved in. Take into consideration their opinions, propositions, and ideas when making a final judgment. It will be a huge motivation for them.

Be transparent to build an atmosphere of trust with your team. This will also ensure staff members have all required information to perform their jobs effectively.

7. Let Them Have Flexible Scheduling

If your team successfully focuses on important tasks and performs at a high level, a good chance to encourage and motivate your staff is letting them have a flexible schedule.

Senseless rules and excessive pressure can even sabotage the progress of your employees.

Offer them flexible working hours or the option to work from home if needed. They will surely appreciate it.

8. Offer Breaks

Schedule breaks for your employees outside of lunch, or for them to have a small walk to recharge. Having a chance to refresh and relax is important to stay both motivated and healthy.

Pay attention to the physical needs of your employees. Thus, they’ll feel more valued and appreciated. This will also decrease stress.

9. Acknowledge and Reward Achievements

Praise your team when they work hard, this inspires them and lets them know when they’ve done well so they can continue.

Sometimes it can be a simple email to the team stating your appreciation of their amazing work.

But some workers need individual recognition. Keep that in mind and choose techniques to fit each person.

10. Listen to Your Team Members

Remember that all your employees have different backgrounds and life stages.

You must fit your motivation solution to each of them. Don’t try to guess what’s most important to them. Ask them about career goals and what motivates them outside of work.

Listen to their problems, suggestions, and ideas. Sometimes individual attention can be a very good motivation.

Find Your Own Best Motivation

Remember that each individual and every team are unique. Try these different ideas to find the best formula that works for your team and use it.

How Do You Motivate Your Team?

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