When writing a resume, you should consider a number of important details that may affect your career.

First, you should always pay attention to showing off your experience and skills in an attractive way for the reader/potential employer.

Skills and experience are by far the most important aspects of a resume. However, there are other important things that you have to include if you want to make your resume the gateway to your new career.

If you want to show your prospective employers that you possess a good leadership skill, it won’t be enough just to simply just state it in your CV. You need to explain each key aspect that shows you understand how to lead a team.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to add certain information in an efficient manner.


Communication is one of the most important skills for any employee. But for future team leaders and managers, it is of primary importance.

A great leader always knows how to address the team, and can explain the requirements of the job and the details of tasks that must be accomplished.

A leader has to know how to delegate tasks to the right team members.

Leaders must communicate with the team to know not only the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, but also to understand what they prefer to do and what irritates them as well.

Nonverbal Communication

Talking to team members is important, but it won’t be enough to lead the team effectively. You need to understand body language and notice minor details. Sometimes, there are movements and gestures that convey ideas better than words.

So if you want to make your resume stronger, noting down your understanding of body language can be beneficial.

Coaching and Mentoring

These are the strongest factors that will tell your prospective employers that you really have the leadership skills.

If you share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues, it demonstrates that you are a professional.

But if you become their mentor, it adds additional value to you, as it means that you can make a potential co-worker more experienced and professional by helping to manage their activity, and explaining what tasks should be accomplished first and why.

Besides, by being a coach or a mentor, you encourage your colleagues and build up their confidence.

Giving Directions and Setting a Workflow

Even though you may not have been a leader at your previous position, perhaps giving directions to other workers was a part of your job.

If you really did it, it demonstrates that you already have some experience in leadership and are capable of managing a group of people.

If you have been in any role that was about team or job management, it would be wise to include these experiences in your resume.

Building Relationships

If you are good at problem-solving, are compassionate, and your colleagues respect you both as a person and as a leader, then you possess skills of a great leader.

If people respect you, they will listen to your recommendations and ask for your advice.

When building relationships with your team, you should always remember that it is crucially important to present yourself as a professional and as a person whom they may trust.

Do not hesitate to host team building events, to ask your colleagues to have lunch with you, or to talk to them during and after office hours. They will definitely appreciate it and will trust you more.

A leadership skill can enhance any resume if you know how to add the information properly. Do remember that your potential employers trust not the words, but the actions and achievements.

So it will always be better to support everything that you include in your resume with facts.

If you are stuck with presentation, there are many resume writing services that can help to create an effective resume, taking into consideration all your preferences and the result that you want. Good luck!

How Can You Show Your Leadership Skills in Your Resume?

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