An American business Executive Jack Welch famous quote sounds like this: “before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others’’. It is a motivation to enhance the capacity of others to become future effective leaders. And it is only possible through a

Create Your Leadership Development Plan

Take a look at the biggest challenges to leadership that any leader faces. They are listed in no particular order since each can be as difficult as the next. Additionally, from discussions with past and present leaders in diverse fields, I have tried to offer a solution for each. But the intent is not to

Top 10 Biggest Challenges to Leadership

Learning how a leader builds trust is a fundamental aspect of leadership development, the importance of which can’t be overstated. Without learning to inspire trust, a leader will never get to hear the truth about what’s going on in their department or organization, which is a serious detriment to effective leadership. With that in mind,

How a Smart Leader Builds Trust With Their Team

When building trust you cannot have trust without unity and you cannot have either without truth. Not that long ago, I was speaking with a person in a position of leadership (PIAPOL) and we were discussing why a local team was struggling with unity. I asked this tenured PIAPOL if they understood the foundation of

Building Trust and Unity

Servant Leadership practices are intrinsically motivating. That said, all forms and practices of leadership are motivating to some extent, but most do not motivate employees and team members to higher lives of enthusiasm. Maslow’s Hierarchy of motivation suggests that the highest level of motivation provides opportunities for personal growth. Ideally, individual motivation, i.e. personal enthusiasm

9 Ways to Motivate People Using Servant Leadership

Leadership has a tremendous impact on business. The way you lead people is as important as the quality of your products or services. Leadership can be defined as a way to lead others. But it is so much more than that. A true leader inspires people, recognizes their diversity and potential, and shows them how

7 Leadership Styles of Managers

Conflict resolution skills will allow you to deal with any issues and build a strong team that works well together. Studies show that up to 85% of employees in a company experience conflict at one time or another. Once conflict arises, it’s up to you as the manager to resolve the disputes between individuals in

5 Conflict Resolution Skills Leaders Need

Employee happiness has a huge impact on performance, absenteeism, and fosters more loyalty to the company. Well, mostly. As is typical with anything related to humans, there are no easy answers. But leaders most definitely impact employees’ happiness. What can leaders learn from happiness research? You may be surprised. The Roots of Employee Happiness I’m

How Leaders Impact Employee Happiness At Work

Without a personal brand, career advancement becomes more challenging as you become more senior, with colleagues competing head to head for limited roles. Most of us have focussed on crafting a solid CV, building our interview skills, and networking both internally and externally. These strategies are highly effective, but the downside is what everyone else

5 Steps To Building Your Personal Brand

Improving Conversion Rate Optimization provides an opportunity for your business to generate significant revenue. The prime focus of any business is to create as much revenue as possible during holidays; Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. Optimizing your online store for conversions boosts your annual sales by attracting a more significant number of potential

Conversion Rate Optimization For Marketing Campaigns

Transformational leadership is one of the most highly sought-after styles of leadership. Not only does transformational leadership create a more positive workplace experience, but it also has numerous benefits for organizations, as well as improving employee motivation, performance and engagement. Transformational leadership can improve the morale of employees and inspire them. Moreover, they help create

Transformational Leadership Characteristics

Social media has paved the way for connecting students across different platforms. One prominent example is Covid-19, where social media played a significant role in bringing students together. Previously, social media’s function was limited to communication; however, this has changed, and social media has brought challenges and harmful impacts to student life. As a coin

Psychological Effects of Social Media on Students