Nearly 30 percent of working professionals have a hearing or vision disability. If your presentations aren’t accessible, roughly 30 percent of the audience will struggle to understand your message. During live presentations, those with disabilities may have learned how to deal with their condition by sitting closer to the screen or even lip-reading the presenter.

How to Create Accessible Virtual Presentations

The growing need for social work professionals who will provide support and guidance to disadvantaged communities indicates the continuing value of social work in today’s world. Social workers are needed in a wide variety of settings, including healthcare services, community centers, nonprofit organizations, and government social service agencies. Many social workers engage with children and

Essential Leadership Skills for Success in Social Work

After attending virtual meetings, I think we can all agree: Trying to recreate live meetings on virtual platforms is a challenge.  It’s tempting to try anyway — we’re familiar with the structure and culture of our meetings. They work for the most part, so we plan to push through a few months of virtual meetings while adhering

7 Simple Tips For Awesome Virtual Meetings

It’s hard work to improve leadership skills anytime, but especially when you’re in college. Leadership is usually defined as the art of motivating others and influencing individuals in order to achieve team goals. Students who have leadership qualities hold the potential to make changes not only in the education system but can also improve global

How to Improve Leadership Skills in College

A dream job interview can be nerve-racking. You imagine things going wrong, you get anxious over not knowing what will happen, and you start to worry about how you can confidently answer the interview questions. But instead of wasting your time worrying, start building your confidence with preparation and practice. You should also know that

Your Dream Job Interview – How To Show Confidence

Are you spending your time looking for the most effective agile project management tools? Let’s look at six of the best agile tools for project management and explore the reasons for using them. Agile Project Management From better project planning and implementation to striking a perfect balance between tasks, today’s fast-paced work-culture demands a lot,

6 Best Agile Tools For Project Management

There are always going to be different types of personalities in the workplace and not everyone’s going to get on all the time. But with a large portion of people’s lives spent at work, a harmonious environment is at the top of the pile when it comes to the well-being of your team. An uneasy

How to Deal With Conflicts of Personality in the Workplace

Creating a resume is never an easy process as you need to show your best skills and qualifications for the recruiters to say “Welcome to the team”. While you may not have issues listing your former jobs and educational background, you’ll likely find it challenging describing leadership skills on a resume.

How to Emphasize Leadership Skills on Your Resume

Regardless of the type of business you’re running or the industry you’re operating in, the core goals of project management best practices remain the same. You’re still talking about the successful development of the initiation, planning, execution, and closure of a project. The decisions you make in the early stages of project management can easily

Project Management Best Practices

The need for successful leadership has always been great Successful leaders are people who guide and motivate others toward achieving collective goals. Many people think you’re either a natural-born leader or you’re not. This can’t be true, as one can still develop leadership skills later in life. There is just a set of qualities that

7 Qualities for Successful Leadership

When I started my first business, I made many terrible leadership mistakes. I paid the price for it the hard way. Let’s take a look at the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them. To start, I believed people would follow my words simply because I was the boss. And that was just

10 Common Leadership Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Leadership vs. management, what is the difference? There’s no question that leadership and management go hand in hand and both are necessary for an organization to run smoothly. But they are not the same. In fact, when leaders fall into the habit of managing more than leading, it can have disastrous consequences for employee morale

Leadership vs. Management: 3 Key Differences to Know