Legacy leadership has a way of causing leaders to pause and reflect. Sometimes those reflections are born from the circumstances of what we see and experience around us in the present moment. These reflections produce either a sense of affirmation that all is well, or that something needs to change; that the present situation can

Legacy Leadership

Let’s face it, we take too many things in today’s advanced, high-tech economy for granted. And sadly, others we often just plain neglect.

High-Tech Organizational Air

At its basic level, business strategy is the art of planning and directing the overall operations and movements within an organization in order to achieve specific goals and objectives. Business Strategy is often contrasted with tactics, and, at some extremes, even separated from strategy by a large gap. Sometimes, day-to-day operations have no relation to

The Leader’s Role in Business Strategy

Organizational alignment is an important concept for leaders to consider. This is especially true in the current fast-paced, complex, and constantly changing working world. A Google search shows just under 27,000 books on alignment topics including leadership, strategic, organizational, or management, so clearly this is a topic with many facets to consider.

A Leader’s Role in Organizational Alignment