Leadership is power and leaders are often viewed in a number of wildly differing ways. Sometimes the very definition that leadership is power seems to arch achingly from one set of values to another entirely, depending on whom you speak to, what position they’re in, and what kind of leaders they have encountered in the

Leadership is Power: Giving the Power Back

As a leader, are you delegating or abdicating? Would you say you are delegating work effectively or are you just getting it off your desk and letting your colleagues take the ‘rap’ if it goes wrong? If you are interested in learning the leadership skills needed for increasing the capacity and productivity of your team,

3 Leadership Tips for Delegating Correctly

Picture this motivation for leadership scene: Several years ago, while working in a sales-intense environment, a steady mid-week jaunt was suddenly and violently interrupted when a manager came bursting through the door with the exasperated look of a frightened elk. He informed his team, through a stuttering, panicked, barely audible frustration, that the regional manager

5 Keys to Motivation and Leadership