Great success starts with great financial decisions. Whether you’re a new business leader or a seasoned expert, you can always improve your personal budget and find new ways to manage your finances more effectively. From simple but sound practices such as reviewing expenses regularly to managing your long-term investments properly, the right approach to your

6 Finance Management Tips for Leaders

Negotiation skills are valuable in any company from both an internal and external perspective. Their obvious application is negotiating favorable deals with clients. But the ability to reach amicable agreements with other company employees is also important. Companies that foster negotiation are likely to see better teamwork, more driven employees, and more success closing contracts.

3 Ways to Negotiate With Your Team

In our latest leadership interview, we learn about Nick Rojas, a business consultant who was born in California and loved traveling and sharing his knowledge with others. Read on to find out more about how he deals with obstacles and keeps up with his productivity. Thanks for doing this interview! Tell us about yourself and

A Leadership Interview With Nick Rojas

As a leader, how do you see your role in relation to your team? Is it your job to make sure they do theirs? Or are you looking for long-term growth that will ultimately raise up other leaders to better the entire company? It’s tempting to fall into the first role. After all, you are

5 Ways for Leaders to Empower Team Members

Learn these life lessons and you are well on your way to achieving the things that inspire the drive that’s inside you.

5 Life Lessons You Had To Fail To Learn

Introvert entrepreneurs need to get very creative when it comes to networking. But now, you are certainly not alone. Most of Silicon Valley is made up of introverts, and they possess powerful connections that drive their success. Introverts are certainly more reserved. Mark Zuckerberg is an example of introverted success. In fact, Facebook brass has

4 Creative Networking Ideas for Introverted Entrepreneurs