A colleague asked me for feedback on an important paper she had written for the board. She was due to present that evening, so time was short. As I glanced through the paper, I saw error after error in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Without thinking, I picked up the nearest pen on my desk and,

Red Pen Leadership

Philosophically and practically, I find myself conflicted over the current preoccupation in leadership development as a relational dynamic. On the one hand, I’ve seen and used competency frameworks for leadership assessment and development purposes. On the whole, they did serve well as a useful touchstone for these purposes. They provided a helpful basis for awareness-raising,

Leadership as a Relational Dynamic

Danielle definitely looked stressed. She was leading a new project and finding team leadership dynamics confusing and difficult to handle. “This team is such a nightmare…I don’t know if I can carry on with this.” But what was really going on here? As a leader or coach, how do you help Danielle make sense of

Leadership Dynamics: What Is Really Going On Here?