It is unfortunate in itself that the disability community at large has found it fitting to use the word “inclusion” when referring to our beloved children, siblings, parents, or friends with disabilities. The term inclusion in itself is deceiving. So I have given much thought to the moments when I read about employers that do the bare minimum

Leaders Misunderstand the Value of Persons with Disabilities

What does innovation mean? Innovation is a buzzword for a new generation. It is also a word with so many ambiguous connotations that no one has been able to put their finger on what personifies real innovation. There are countless examples of moments of innovation and innovative ideas that create or impact change. Yet each example

What Does Innovation Mean: Rebirth or Sustainability?

Leadership focuses on abilities! Being a parent to two boys with developmental disabilities has given me first-hand experience with many amazing talents and the superior intelligence they both possess. One thing that always sticks out in my mind is how often people are unaware that autism is not an intellectual disorder. On the contrary, individuals

Leadership Focus: ABILITIES not Disabilities!