Leading change can be touchy and difficult. How often have you felt the pressure from peers, whether implicitly or explicitly, to downplay an idea that might lead to positive change? If it happens to you often, the organizational culture around you may lean against change.  In fact, I have written on fundamental tendencies in human

Leading Change in an Anti-Change Culture

The bullying-awareness climate marks an interesting turning point in human civilization. I don’t recall such a public focus on bullying before, even though bullying is something most of us have seen or experienced in our lives. We have an opportunity to evolve, so I hope the energy and momentum behind the public focus are sustainable.

Leadership and Bullying

Management author Bob Lewis once said, “Based on what I’ve seen, over the past few decades the performance appraisal process (really, practice) has become increasingly bulky and time-consuming for both managers and those they manage. The payoff for the additional time and energy diverted to this activity? So far as I can tell, managers hate

What is Your Style of Management?

Effective leaders actively work to break the glass ceiling. For those who are not familiar with the term glass ceiling, it is a metaphor for the unseen but stubborn barrier preventing women from reaching the upper echelons of corporate America. The glass ceiling is an interesting concept, and the book that introduced it was one

Effective Leaders and the Glass Ceiling

A significant part of leadership effectiveness is motivating the team. Motivation is a hot topic in organizational science, but answering the question “what motives people” and producing effective solutions has been met with limited success.

What is Intrusive Leadership?

How a good leader “communicates appropriately and motivates others significantly” to forward the mission.

The Definition of a Good Leader

The leadership fundamentals of trust and ransparency are probably the most important fundamentals of leadership that stand between ordinary results and extraordinary results. But what is transparency? If you Google “leadership transparency”, you find countless articles from reputable sources such as Harvard Business School and Forbes, and professional associations and leadership periodicals like About Leaders.

Leadership Fundamental: What is Transparency?

Thinking about remarkable leadership, it was over a decade ago, upon the recommendation of a friend, I read the book Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box (Arbinger Institute). I thought I was in for an intense course of remarkable leadership study from the title but was comforted somewhat by the fact it was

Remarkable Leadership – Inside the Box

Leadership fundamentals is a rich subject. Countless leadership concepts and techniques are available at our fingertips.

Leadership Fundamentals: There Are 3 of You

There is much to say on the topic of soft leadership skills and leading your direct reports. Not only are typical leadership concepts at play, but you are also shaping future leaders, whether you intend to or not. Direct reports will learn values, practices, and interpersonal scripts. They will also pick up on subtle things,

Major Butch Needs Soft Leadership Skills

Years ago, my son, a new age-worthy boy scout, asked me about a topic he’s heard before and was mentioned more often in his new scout unit. He asked: What is leadership? I often share variations of the answer I gave him years ago, and to be honest, I don’t recall the exact words I

Leadership Ecosystem and Trust

Not much time passes before I am once again humbled by an author’s viewpoint in yet another article on leadership bias originating somewhere on the globe.

4 Steps to Removing Leadership Bias