Challenges for leaders are changing at an incredible speed. Much of that change is due to the huge amount of readily available information influencing invention, process, and progress. Because information flows as quickly as the world changes, yesterday’s information rapidly becomes yesterday’s old news. Leaders have the internet, television, magazines, newspapers, and small portable electronic

Decision Making Challenges for Leaders

How many times do we attend a leadership development course and become aware of new information and new tools, or learn new ways of addressing an issue and then return to our work only to fall back into the old same habits? Let’s face it; we are a results-oriented, mission-focused culture. The opportunity to employ

Closing the Leadership Gap

Diversity is an incredibly important characteristic of workplaces today. Greater awareness and sensitivity regarding diversity in the workplace can empower leaders to grow a more effective organization as well as deliver the highest quality products and services. Diversity Leadership Skills Leading and developing a more culturally sensitive environment can, and will, eventually influence the organization

Leaders Embrace Diversity as a Competitive Edge

There are myriad issues impacting our future today, but one can argue that the most significant challenge strategic leaders face is modernizing the organization. The view of our world presents strategic leaders with a complex and uncertain environment exacerbated by rapidly advancing technologies. Considering this context, strategic leaders are challenged to lead in an era

5 Actions Strategic Leaders Take

t is easy to see that the use of technology on an individual, organizational, national, and international basis is here to stay because it is so embedded in our way of living. Because of the rapid pace of advancing technology and an unpredictable future, leadership skills are challenged. Leaders need to know if the organizational vision

Organizational Attention Deficit vs. Technology

Why does a compelling story in books, movies, and television shows captivate us? Because of the stories they tell. Most of the time, it is a story that we can connect with in some manner. Influential leaders recognize the power that stories have to capture our attention and often use them to connect their vision

What’s Your Compelling Story?