Situational leadership requires a complex collection of many attributes that include follower-desired personality traits, communication skills, leadership skills, and teaching ability, to name a few. A preferred leadership style is developed by the leader through learning and experience. And the leader’s tendency is to fit the situation to his or her particular style. Leadership decision-making

Situational Leadership and Personality Traits

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk into a leadership position and lead the charge toward efficiency, effectiveness, and higher profits and production without establishing and maintaining relationships with others? I didn’t think so! It’s quite evident that an essential element in leading others is building and maintaining relationships with everyone in your organization at every

Transformational Leaders Build Relationships

Leadership skills and organizational communication skills are at the foundation of making great leaders. Communication has matured over a relatively short period, changing from customary face-to-face dialogue to the use of innovative technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness. With the introduction of the telegraph and telephone to more contemporary means such as email, text messaging,

Leadership and Organizational Communication

Think of team empowerment and leadership and then about how difficult it would be to corral a horde of feral cats! It would take a tremendous amount of time, patience, ingenuity, negotiation, persuasion, and maybe even a bit of bribery. And you still may not be able to gather them! As a leader of an

Team Empowerment and the Cat Herder!