Negative leaders are found in many organizations, both for-profit and non-profit. I am sure that we can all think of a leader that we have run into during our career who was a negative leader. When you think of that leader, take a step back and look at how that leader impacted you as an

The Impact of Negative Leaders

As many of you know, my focus of research has centered on workplace incivility and toxic, unethical, abusive, and narcissistic leadership. Many ask me why I focus on such a negative topic. Why Not Focus on Happy Leadership Thoughts? Disruptive leadership is a topic that is often ignored in the literature. Think about the times

Workplace Incivility – The Cruelest Story

We previously discussed the Narcissist Leader or Employee. Many responded that they could and can relate to this issue. They could identify people in their workplace that fit the description perfectly. This month, we will focus on the abusive leader or employee. When I think of abuse, my mind goes to domestic abuse that is

What is Workplace Abuse?