Did you know that regular exercise is good for higher leadership skills ratings in senior-level executives? Yep. According to the Journal of Managerial Psychology, executives that exercise regularly were rated significantly higher as leaders than executives who didn’t make a habit of working out. The purpose of the research was to determine how and why

3 Reasons Exercise is Good for Leaders

There is no question that being a leader demands a lot from the brain. The better your ability to think clearly, analyze options, and remember details, the better you will be able to lead. This ability applies whether you are leading an established team, your family, or starting a new business. With leadership comes responsibility,

Exercising Leadership Skills: 5 Tips for Working Out Your Brain

I am always amazed by a large number of skeptics and cynics when it comes to leadership development. During too many of my sessions, I spend valuable time dealing with this issue, and it does not make sense to me. Let me share an analogy that I use during sessions to handle the skeptical and

Leadership Development – Skills Beyond the Status Quo

Sometimes, leaders can be unaware of the types of bullying and that their actions may be misinterpreted. Recently, a friend told me that her boss had been bullying her. Although it was obvious that her manager’s behavior involved tactics that were aggressive, humiliating, and intimidating, my friend was unable to take a stand against this

4 Types of Bullying at School and The Workplace

It’s always easier to spot bullying behavior in other managers. What we should be focusing on is our behavior and the fact that we may be intimidating our staff and developing cultures where fear definitely exists. In this article, I want to share two steps that supervisors can take to determine whether or not their

Leaders, Let’s Talk About Self Deception

As you may have heard, the sustainable leadership business model that is centered around building better company structures, social enterprises, and corporate policies. It is a model that allows environmentally conscious businesses that place a high priority on their people and community to label their activities and brand their values. “B-Corps” are leading the way

The B-Corp: A Sustainable Leadership Revolution

Although there are times when downsizing takes everyone by surprise, there are many times when organizations alert employees about pending layoffs and give team members time to prepare. I  met with an old colleague who went through the “waiting” period, and we spoke about how helpful it would be for leadership to proactively engage employees during

Engaging Staff During Employee Downsizing

Are you familiar with content curation and content marketing? Use these examples of personal branding to market yourself using content curation and content marketing. These examples can be blended easily and quickly into your daily routine with amazing results. Doing this can help you increase your influence and reach while raising the profile of your

Examples of Personal Branding for Leaders

Negative feedback doesn’t mean that any of us wakes up in the morning and thinks, “I can’t wait to hurt a co-worker today.” The sad truth is that we may be doing just that, depending on the approach we take when delivering negative feedback.  While our intent may be to help, giving feedback indirectly may

Negative Feedback, a Tool to Help or a Weapon to Hurt?

So what is Appreciative Inquiry anyway?

Have you ever heard the following phrase?

‘People join organizations, but leave managers.’

Would you say you are the type of manager people leave or the type of leader that people stay for and want to work with?

Are you trying to solve the problem with your staff or are you including them in creating a better reality?

Do your employees trust you? How do you know?

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Over many years of managing web design and development teams, I have had the honor of working with some amazing artists who carefully craft beautiful imagery and engaging graphics for their web projects. The concept of high production values and the importance of good quality visuals as leadership skills was something I learned from these

What Is Your Quality of Leadership?