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DFY Sponsored Posts

About Leaders offers in-depth, long-form blog posts, written by our editorial and research team, search engine optimized, and ready to woo and motivate readers!

  • About Leaders creates long-form reviews and tutorials that are sponsored by client companies for products and services that are and useful to our readers.
  • About Leaders created sponsored posts are 1,500+ words and may contain custom charts, graphs, or short videos for demonstrations.
  • Our editorial team researches and writes excellent sponsored content, and all opinions are our own. 
  • We utilize relevant affiliate links and disclose these links as sponsored.
  • All blog posts are shared with our subscribers and social media followers.
  • An approved affiliate program or a negotiated fee is required to commission an About Leaders created sponsored post.  

Products and Services We’re Happy to Write About

If your product or service will help our audience in their journey to grow as leaders and you are interested in About Leaders creating a sponsored post for you, contact us.

Our audience is interested in a wide variety of SaaS products (communication, productivity, project management, finance, and HR, etc.), online business technology, individual and team training, health products, formal education, and much more.

We've partnered with brands like Dr. Mary Kay, Thrive Themes, ThriveCart, Samcart, WP Engine, and more to create turnkey sponsored posts that are informative and beneficial to our readers. 

Our audience is comprised of entrepreneurs, professionals, C-level leaders, VPs, directors, regional managers, plant managers, front-line supervisors, consultants, coaches, college professors, administrators, teachers, and students.

Guest Posts

 Learn More about what is inclused in Guest Post Publications.

On a limited basis, we accept sponsored posts submitted by guest authors if the content meets these requirements:

  • Provides a clear benefit to our audience - see above
  • Contains new and unique information
  • Well written with 1500+ words minimum
  • Tracks with Google's E-E-A-T algorithm.
  • Best practices, experiential, and/or how-to format (not a commercial)
  • Has never been published before
  • Review our Guest Posting Terms and Conditions
Google E-E-A-T Algorithm

Sponsored or Dofollow Links

Purchase a Sponsored Link Insertion if you are interested in a sponsored or dofollow link.

After we receive your purchase confirmation, we'll send you link submission instructions.

  • Sponsored product or service must provide a clear benefit to our audience
  • Sponsored and dofollow inks are inserted in Google indexed content
  • Sponsored links link to promotional web pages and are labeled rel="nofollow sponsored"
  • Dofollow links link to educational blogs posts and are labeled  rel=”dofollow” 
  • Sponsored links must complement the article where it will be inserted
  • Please review our Sponsored Links Terms and Conditions.

What We Do Not Offer

  • Display ads on the blog.
  • Promoting products or services that do not benefit our audience.
  • Promoting topics that do not fit in the leadership, health, technology niche.

About Leaders Audience

Our audience comes from a variety of sources. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Monthly website page views: ~34K+ via organic traffic and social media
  • Email list subscribers: ~10K+, ~38% open rate, ~6% click rate
  • Location: Over 55% US-based
  • Demographics: 60% are female, 40% are male
  • Interests: All facets of leadership, entrepreneurship, building and managing teams, educational research, coaching and consulting, business technology, career advancement, and personal health.


All content the team at About Leaders creates is copyrighted. You may share a link to the original post, but you may not reproduce and post duplicate or modified content anywhere else.

If you plan to quote content from this website that’s more than 10 sentences, please contact editorial team first.

All mentions and quotes must link back to the original content on this website.

Questions and Inquiries 

Send an email to:

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