Social media has paved the way for connecting students across different platforms. One prominent example is Covid-19, where social media played a significant role in bringing students together. Previously, social media’s function was limited to communication; however, this has changed, and social media has brought challenges and harmful impacts to student life. As a coin

Psychological Effects of Social Media on Students

As an informal leader, there are times in our personal and professional careers when we need to lead people or projects, even though we’re not the boss. This happens all the time. No one made Martin Luther King the boss. He just started to lead people, and they followed. Informal Leadership Here are a few

9 Ways to Lead as an Informal Leader

A successful leader inspires everyone. It is crucial for any organization, regardless of its size or strength to have successful leaders. The success of an organization largely depends on the quality of its leadership. While there are numerous skills a successful leader needs for strategy, innovation, focus, and balancing interests, the TRUST factor is fundamental:

Why TRUST is Critical for a Successful Leader

The success story of an effective team is one where the members operate as a self-managing team. The leader allows the members of the team to establish teamwork, modify their own work processes, and serve as a communication channel to the rest of the organization. I followed up with one of our customers to see first-hand what

Teamwork: A Real Success Story

Learning how to become a leader at the company where you work is straightforward. Start by evaluating what skills you need to move up to the next step. Keep in mind that formal education plays a significant role in successful leaders. This is true because learning institutions are designed to bring out the best in

How to Become a Leader in the Company

Which leadership style trusts people they meet almost immediately while for other leadership styles, it takes longer? How come some give their trust unconditionally while others give it more cautiously? It has to do with style. Leadership Style Imagine being able to solve the mystery of human behavior – those actions that drive how others

When Leadership Style Meets Trust

Conflict resolution strategies are skills every successful leader must learn. In any work environment, conflict is inevitable. Statistically, close to 85% of all employees have experienced some form of a dispute within their workplace. If you’re a leader who wants to reach the highest level, it’s essential to understand that clashes are unavoidable. Conflict shouldn’t

5 Conflict Resolution Strategies Leaders Should Master

Teaching skills are critical for teacher and student success and a big responsibility. The ideal teacher should make sure that their students feel relaxed and safe in the classroom. When students like a teacher, their job becomes easier, and they achieve a lot more. Establishing a positive relationship with your students will lead to greater

Teaching Skills: 15 Things Not to Do

Leadership communication describes the approach you need to develop and deliver messages that inform, inspire, engage, and unite teams towards achieving your business goals. Effective leadership communication has a clear and critical impact on your organization’s success. Whether you’re running a laundromat, tech startup, or the next big marketing agency, it’s essential to find the

Leadership Communication: 10 Trends for Success

Identifying and solving problems is a huge part of improving team dynamics. It’s also essential to strengthen your team to make it less likely that you will need to fix problems in the future that arise from miscommunication, lack of interest, physical and psychological discomfort, and all the other issues that lead to poor team

5 Ways to Improve Team Dynamics

Internal communications have a big impact on employee wellness. The abrupt move from the company office to the home office caused high levels of stress and uncertainty. With few face-to-face interactions, employers must take action to ensure the mental well-being of the employees. The role of internal communications as a bridge between the management and

10 Internal Communications and Employee Wellness Tips

Managers and HR realize why leadership is important over the last year. They have quickly and dramatically been called on to lead their workforces through extreme challenges that, it’s a fair bet, weren’t covered in the handbook. Indeed, fiction that deals with apocalypses and pandemics were extremely popular over the last year, perhaps showing that

Why Leadership is Important in 2021