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The purpose of this Online Motivation Assessment is for you, as a leader, to proactively uncover what the people on your team need to be successful.

Your team members’ motivation to perform at a high level depends upon you providing the correct components of motivation that spark action. Clear motives, or components, motivate people to take action; the higher the level of performance desired, the clearer the motives must be.

This Online Motivation Assessment will help you realize that motivating others the way “you” are motivated will not meet the needs of anyone except yourself. The key is to think about what makes the other person tick. This Checklist will identify the needs of those that are not meeting your expectations. After you are finished, a solution will emerge that you can implement today. Let’s get started!

This assessment is to help you as a leader assess the motivation level of an individual team member or department depending on your objectives.

To sort out your thoughts on how to motivate others, the assessment and PDF checklist help you determine what solutions you need to put in place to achieve a higher level of productivity.

Please use the scale below for selecting your answers.
5 – Strongly Agree
4 – Agree
3 – Neither Agree or Disagree
2 – Disagree
1 – Strongly Disagree

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