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The Ultimate Communication Hack Online Course

Ultimate communication hacks to use with bosses, employees, peers, and family...

  • Stop being out of the loop!
  • Stop communication disasters!
  • Stop picking up the slack for others!
Dan Abitz President

"Mary Kay is an excellent instructor in communication and how to use the information to improve one-on one interactions and resolve conflict. Knowledge of communication styles has proven to be a valuable tool in my personal life as well. I know of no-one better than Mary Kay to assist an individual or an organization in this area."



Stop being out of the loop!

Most people communicate using automatic responses that are not conducive to productive conversations... they just talk and talk on autopilot!

This causes unnecessary problems at home and at work because people stop telling you things, leaving you out of the loop.

To get in and stay in the loop, the first thing you'll learn is what reactive responses you are using that create the communication issues you're experiencing. 

Then, you'll uncover your Top 3 actions for staying in the loop. 

You'll wish you had this knowledge years ago!

Stop daily communication disasters!

Next, you'll learn how to get out of your own way and discover your communication superpower by:

  • Recognizing and stopping communication gaps
  • Identifying the communication pace of anyone
  •  Determining whether they are people or task processors
  •  Properly combining pace and priority to make a positive connection

Stop picking up the slack for others!  

And finally, this course will show you how to easy it is to get agreement and committment on what needs to be done, by who, and the target timeline. You'll see immediate results in productivity because you won't be doing everything yourself!

  • Achieve confidence in your ability to communicate your expectations to others
  • Overcome self-doubt, and believe that you can make a difference
  • Create a team that can think for themselves  
  • Enjoy your success without sacrificing your well-being

This course is perfect for

  • Those who want to be top level communicators
  • Anyone who struggles with work stress and burnout
  • Corporate professionals and business owners
  • Managers, team leaders, and supervisors
  • Life, career, and leadership coaches

By the end of this course, you’ll not only have a working knowledge of individualized communication strategies, and take your communication skills to the next level.

Ted Canova

You will learn how to “style adjust”, how to identify your key motivations, and how to navigate through conflict resolution with a more positive outlook. Anyone who takes Mary Kay’s training programs is ready to implement a new, effective way to move forward individually and as a valuable team member.

Ted Canova
Chief Content Officer

This course opened my eyes! Now I'm aware of how I have been communicating on autopilot with no thought about how I come across to others. With just practice and a little fine-tuning I'm getting much better results in meetings and one-on-one conversations. You'll be glad you decided to do this course.

Ella Johnston 
People Operations Leader

Dave Drum

Mary Kay's experience, insight, and professionalism helped us break down walls between departments and silos of responsibility that were hindering us from being as effective as we could be. As a result of her training we became more productive, and our leadership team stepped up to higher performance and more professional leadership.

Dave Drum
VP Business Development

Hi, I'm Dr. Mary Kay

Entrepreneur | Author| Leadership Success Coach

"I've worked with over 30,000 leaders to help boost their personal and career success. I hope you'll join me online in the Ultimate Communication Hack course. 

If you make the decision to trust me to be your leadership coach throughout this learning experience — I won't let you down.

Enjoy every moment as you uncover the Ultimate Leader within!"

Dr. Mary Kay

What to expect


You'll go from communicating on autopilot to being aware of how to get the best results with each conversation you have.


Our support team is here to answer any questions you may have about the course and how to maximize results.


You'll learn how to pre-plan important conversations and how to best connect with anyone, even the most difficult people.


Get started today and let's make your communication skills rock!

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