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Easily identify each team members motivational style,  and watch them begin to perform at the highest levels.

Are People Letting You Down?

Do you have people on your team that you haven't been able to reach?

You don't know why, but they are adversely affecting productivity. A straightforward cause to this issue has yet to present itself.

Ignite Them To Succeed

Before you chalk the problem up to "these people are just not getting it," consider what ignites them to succeed.

Most of us expect our team members to be as motivated as we are. That's rarely the rule. All people are motivated differently and find different reasons to work toward success.

If you want your team members to meet expectations consistently, you must understand what motivates each one. And it must be more than just a desire to keep their job.

Motivation is the perfect blend of a team member's drive and the actions they perform. 

On the other hand, if the actions needed are greater than the drive, you have an unmotivated individual who works on the required tasks but is disinterested or apathetic.

Discover the Difference

Our assessment is different. It's online, fast, simple, and available 24/7.

You take a few minutes to complete the assessment on a person you want to motivate. When you are finished, you will receive valuable, actionable insight into this person's drive.

By assessing what motivates them and what they need to succeed, you discover the difference between who can do the job and who actually wants to do it.

Pam Rutlledge

This course made a big difference in my department's team. Now, it's so obvious what was causing most of our people problems. With confidence I assign the right jobs to the right people. Definitely take this course!

Pam - Quality Assurance Supervisor

Our Research

Take a moment and reflect on what is going on right now. Are you expecting people to do what you need them to do just because you tell them to?

Our research indicates that out of six people:

  • Two are internally motivated and will follow through on expectations.
  • Four need clearer motives (reasons) from you to encourage them to act.

Reflection Time: Yes, or No?

  • Do you have a new hire that is not working out?
  • Is there a person on your team that fits in socially but doesn't get the job done?
  • Do you have a team member that is experiencing personal situations that are impacting their job? Are they coming in late to work? Staring off into space and distracted?
  • How about a talented person that is not meeting expectations? Or not reaching their performance goals?
  • Do you have someone on your team who is too controlling or letting others do most of the work?
  • Are you afraid a team member will lose their job because they don't fit your organization's culture?

If you answered YES to any of the reflection questions above, the Team Motivation Assessment will quickly give you the action plan to save this person from failing in your organization.When looking into what makes people "tick," it is well worth your time to gain insight and receive guidance on increasing your leadership skills when motivating others.

Who is this Course For?

  • Those who want to be top level leaders
  • Anyone who wants less stress and frustration
  • Corporate professionals and business owners
  • Managers, team leaders, and supervisors
  • Life, career, and leadership coaches

Using the Team Motivation Assessment, you’ll not only have a working knowledge of individualized motivation strategies, productivity will go to the next level.

Tony Vincent

This assessment is a great tool for getting the right people for the job. And it's nice there's access to the assessment any time I need it. It's worked so well our entire management team is taking it up a notch and going through the Ultimate Leader Masterclass.

Director of Operations

Jill Testimonial

I started using the assessment to see what actually motivates someone and create an action plan for them. To my surprise, the whole process is fast and accurate. If you're a manager or supervisor, you should give it try. It works for me.

HR Manager

Bob Wolsey

I put the Team Motivation Assessment to work right away checking out what motivates each team lead. This makes perfect sense. A little reorganization and we've seen production increases.

Plant Manager

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"I've worked with over 30,000 leaders to help boost their personal and career success. I hope you'll join me online in the Ultimate Communication Hack course. 

If you make the decision to trust me to be your leadership coach throughout this learning experience — I won't let you down.

Enjoy every moment as you uncover the Ultimate Leader within!"

Dr. Mary Kay

What to expect


Our Team Assessment tool will show you what motivates each team member and how best to utilize their talents and exceed goals. 


Our support team is here to answer any questions you may have about the course and how to maximize results.


Happy, valued employees appreciate their leader, minimize people issues, become results oriented, and get more accomplished.


Get started today and let's get your team motivated like never before!

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