3. How to Use the Ultimate Leader System


“Ultimate Leaders choose to be inspirationally dissatisfied. This is why learning something new each day is so important to their success!”

Some people think the role of being a leader is associated with managerial responsibilities.

The fact is managers can be leaders, but leaders do not have to be managers.

A leader is a person that influences and inspires others to want to do what needs to be done. Everyone is a leader in some aspect of his or her life and we all can choose to become an Ultimate Leader!

If you haven’t taken an online video course before, you will enjoy the Ultimate Leader Course as the format provides you the ability to learn at your pace.

Ultimate Leader Actions

  • Complete the Ultimate Leader modules in order to ensure you are following the sequence to the Ultimate Leader System.
  • Prior to starting each video, download and print the corresponding Chapter Action PDF.
  • Keep a journal of the key ideas the come to you while you are learning.
  • Practice each module for one week before you start the next module.
  • Have fun putting the takeaways into action.
  • Reward yourself with each new approach you take.


Lesson 3 Worksheet

Download and Complete

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