4. The Ultimate Leader System


“This System is based on what WE can control and what WE can do to influence others.”

The Ultimate Leader System is very similar to technical processes used in many industries. For example, most businesses have procedures or courses of action taken to fulfill the needs of their customers; the same is true for the Ultimate Leader System.

Whether with internal or external customers, we all have to get results through people in order to achieve our goals. Many times, when we become disappointed or frustrated in another’s actions, we don’t know how to handle the roadblock(s) we are encountering or how to fix the situation when a roadblock is a person.

Instead of dwelling on obstacles, the Ultimate Leader System provides tools to determine what has caused the roadblock and how to proceed to achieve results.

Ultimate Leader Action Plan

  • Commit to learning all that you can. These skills are for anyone that strives to be the best in all aspects of his or her life.

  • Let go of “old school habits and mindsets”. Be flexible, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is how we learn.

  • Start on Module 1 right away, practice what you learn, and focus on what you are doing a little bit better today than what you did yesterday.

  • Email support@aboutleaders.com if you have any questions while you are learning the Ultimate Leader System.


Lesson 4 Worksheet

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