Leaders are teachers and coaches. Leaders influence people every day in their behaviors, words, and actions. What are the steps to become a master at coaching?

Masterful coaching can be accomplished by first making sure the coach loves working with people. This may sound simplistic; however some people that classify themselves as coaches are more interested in their personal gains than those they coach.

For example, we have witnessed coaches that have overused egos which is a great indicator of a coach not focused on the success of the coachee. Genuine coaches have an intense desire to see others become more than they even believed which requires a joy of working with people. You can develop this joy – so work on it.

Second, to achieve extraordinary levels of performance a coach must have a high level of trust with the coachee. Specifically, a bond or trustworthy partnership is the foundation for coaching.

The partnership is so strong that both the coach and coachee stays committed when breakdowns are encountered. Trust, respect, and commitment between coach and coachee is critical to obtaining extraordinary results.

What People Expect from a Coach

Here is a checklist for those of you that want to become masters at coaching. People say great coaches are:

  • An organized person
  • Establishes rapport
  • Aware of the coachee’s environment
  • Provides feedback honestly and courageously
  • An excellent listener
  • Asks great questions
  • Visionary and analytical
  • Seeks follow-up and closure
  • Leaves people inspired and empowered
  • Stays committed during rough times

What experiences have you had coaching others?

Dr. Mary Kay
Dr. Mary Kay is a business leadership strategist, executive coach, trainer, author, and founder of the About Leaders community and drMaryKay.com. She’s consulted with hundreds of companies and trained thousands of leaders. Her Ultimate Leader Online course helps managers become more confident, decisive leaders. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.